May 22, 2022 4:42 am

In a traffic accident, the head of Road Safety of Buenos Aires died

The Head of the Provincial Road Safety Division, Oscar Astoreca, He died this Saturday in a traffic accident at the height of Lezama, at kilometer 163, of Route 2.

As confirmed by LA NACION, he was traveling alone on top of a Ford Rager truck that overturned. Visibility in the area was good, although witnesses indicated that the road was wet. Until now, experts were working on the scene to obtain more information about the fatal accident.

In a traffic accident, the head of Road Safety of the province of Buenos Aires died.

The victim held the position of Director of Coordination, Control and Supervision of the Provincial Directorate of Policy and Road Safety.

Meanwhile, after hearing the news, the Government of the province of Buenos Aires issued a meaningful statement in which it expressed its “deep condolences” to the family, friends and colleagues of Astoreca. And they added: “The Governor and his team express their sorrow for this unfortunate loss and greet their loved ones.”

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