May 20, 2022 5:59 pm

Heat wave: the Capital reached 46.9 ° C of wind chill and power outages continued

The extreme heat wave that has affected the center of the country since last Monday will continue, at least, until tomorrow in the Capital, with a maximum temperature that will rise to 36°C. However, relief would come on Monday with the entry of a cold front.

In the city, the heat remained present during the day, with a maximum temperature that reached 38.8°C and a minimum of 29°C. The highest peak occurred at 12. The day before yesterday, the Capital had registered its second highest value in its history, with 41.5°C, and last Tuesday the third, with 41.1°C

But today the highest thermal sensation of the day was at 14, 46.9 ° C, when the temperature reached 37.8°C and the humidity was 48%, according to data from the National Meteorological Service (SMN).

On January 29, 1957, when the city reached its historical record in temperature levels, 43.3°C, the wind chill had been 61°C and the humidity of 47%. AHoyyer with the peak of 41.5°C, “the wind chill was equal to the temperature, since there was no humidity”, he pointed out. Teresa Ibarzabal, SMN meteorologist. And he added: “The humidity during Saturday was rising, not as much as in 1957, but the high temperatures caused such a high wind chill to be reached.”

The highest temperatures of the day occurred in the provinces of La Rioja, Santiago del Estero, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Catamarca and Santa Fe. In some localities of these districts they exceeded 40°C and even reached 43°C around 15. According to the SMN, at that time the city of La Rioja reached 43°C; Santiago del Estero, 41.8°C and Termas del Río Hondo, 41.7°C.

The meteorologist warned that a “unstable” week, with a high probability of precipitation throughout the next few days. Thus, for today the minimum temperature will be 25°C and the maximum, 36°C.

On Monday and Tuesday the values ​​will drop and reach a maximum of 24°C and 23°C, respectively. The minimums are forecast at 20°C and 19°C.

Precipitation is forecast to continue until next Tuesday. Although on Wednesday it is estimated that the temperature will rise again to 36 ° C. In addition, last night the entry of a mass of cold air from southern Patagonia was expected, which will cross the country from south to north and will cause temperatures to drop.

According to the statistical data of the SMN, there are between one and three heat waves for summer in Argentina. In addition, experts warned that the cyclical La Niña phenomenon, one of the factors responsible for this week’s extreme temperatures, would remain in the country until at least March. Therefore, it is not ruled out that there will be more heat waves, although perhaps not with the same intensity, in the remainder of the summer.

Also prevailing in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) were power outages. Today, more than 96,000 users of the Edesur and Edenor companies were left without electricity supply for hours in different neighborhoods of the city and localities of the Buenos Aires suburbs, according to the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE). Around 9:00 p.m., there were still more than 81,000 without connection (77,462 from Edesur and 4,099 from Edenor).

Yesterday, neighbors cut off General Paz Avenue at the intersection with Emilio Castro due to power outages in the areaIgnacio Sánchez – THE NATION

Some of the affected neighborhoods in the Capital were Caballito, Flores, Villa Crespo and Villa del Parque; while the Buenos Aires towns of Lanús, Almirante Brown and Presidente Perón, among others, also suffered cuts.

Alexandra Martinez, a spokeswoman for Edesur, told THE NATION: “Today [por ayer] a new consumption and demand record was broken, with 26,636 MW at 2:35 p.m. This fact and the heat wave, unfortunately, caused a lot of stress to the system. To do this, we provide extra generation by installing more than 30 generator sets and six four packs”. The previous record was broken on January 23 of last year, with 22,611 MW at 15, reported from Edesur.

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