May 16, 2022 9:56 am

Grilled peaches and plums with malbec recipe


  1. Wash the fruit, cut it in half and leave the stones in one half.
  2. Take a large pan with a metal handle, pour in the sugar, vanilla and wine.
  3. Put on the coals and let the wine reduce a little and syrup with the sugar.
  4. Slide the fruits, take care that the wine covers them and cook for approximately 15 minutes, while the wine takes on a syrupy appearance.
  5. Serve in a large bowl, without the pits, and accompany with ice cream.

This is the recipe to make fresh peaches and plums in mascabo sugar with malbec wine with the addition of cooking on the grill. Wine and fruit combine very well, especially when stone fruit appear, in the middle of summer. Peaches and plums are at their best, but they can also be replaced or combined like this: bananas with pears; or grapes with melon; or apples with hairs. Whatever your choice, the recipe for the peaches and fresh plums in mascabo sugar with malbec wine, is a very special dessert that some serve hot and topped with vanilla ice cream.

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