May 18, 2022 9:31 am

Gonzalo Araújo achieved three firsts in four heats and won the Villalia de Vigo with «La Guardia & Moreira»

Vigo (Pontevedra)



Gonzalo Araújo, one of the best Spanish heavyweight sailing skippers of all time, with a young crew in which Jacobo Vecino, Miguel Barros and Juan Deben from Vigo competed… as well as Miriam González, Spanish vaurien champion from Poia… winner of the Villalia Winter Series of J;70 that ended in the Vigo estuary, with the organization of the J70 Class and the olivico nautical. The victory of the Lugo skipper based in Vigo was comfortable, because despite reaching the last act with several boats very close to him, he resolved the situation with authority, by achieving 4 first places, in the five races that were held.

Little wind in the waters of Vigo, with the heats starting at 10 in the morning… a very shifty wind, tremendously variable: from the southwest to the northeast… always with 5 knots, rising to 8 and falling to 4.

Very complicated for Jaime García and his judges, who with solvency not only saved the closing day, but also managed to align with the planned schedule: 4 heats, so their solvency as technicians must be highlighted.

In the regatta, in addition to a plethoric Araújo, we must highlight one of the two boats of the Marítimo de Canido that are in the Villalia: the Pazo de Cea whose skipper was Ramón Ojea (the other is the Sailway Academy of the young skipper from Ourense Alex Pérez Canal, who is the J70 of the homegrown players). Ojea was the second in the day on Sunday, and achieved a partial first… being the other three for La Guardia & Moreira. The great day of Pazo de Cea earned Canido’s team a meritorious sixth place in the final general standings.

Behind them a Green April that tried to get on the podium, which he achieved despite his third place on Sunday; he couldn’t unseat Luis Bugallo’s Marnatura 1, who was fourth on the last day… which was enough to win the bronze. Behind them, Jorge Pérez Canal, who climbed a step in the general classification, staying at the gates of the podium.

Sogacsa (Vigo), Sail Cascais (Lisbon), Willy (Vigo), Valmy Atlántica (Cariño), Sailway Academy (Canido), Correa Kesler (La Penela), Perjental (Vigo) and Solventis from Coruña Malalo Bermúdez de Castro completed the table of the last day of the J70 Villalia Winter Series, which closed in Galician waters.

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