May 16, 2022 9:20 am

Due to the lack of 0 km, the sale and also the price of used cars increased

In Argentina, markets move to the rhythm of restrictions and imbalances, and the automotive business is no stranger to this: The lower supply of 0 kilometer cars due to the obstacles to imports, the lack of dollars and the global shortage of semiconductors boosted the sale of used vehicles and, in addition, caused their prices to increase.

In a context in which dealers regretted having sold fewer cars than expected at the beginning of 2021 (381,777 units were sold and it was expected that there would be at least 450,000), used cars ended the year with 1,689,722 units sold, which implied a growth of 12.78 compared to 2020, that is, more than one percentage point above what patents grew (11.5%).

Indeed, as confirmed by the Chamber of Automotive Commerce (CCA), during the year, the sales volume exceeded 191,483 vehicles compared to 2020, when 1,498,239 had been marketed. The last month of 2021 closed with figures that helped this growth, since the entity reported that 141,940 units were sold in December, 6.20% more than in the same month of 2020. ““The market grew and practically the same number of vehicles were sold as in 2019, the year before the pandemic,” said Alberto Príncipe, president of the CCA.

Matías Fernández Barrio, CEO and co-founder of Karvi, a platform that facilitates the purchase of cars by mediating between customers and dealers, confirmed this trend in recent months in the country. “Faced with a growth in demand, in Argentina we had a combination of a pandemic with the control of imports by the Government and the lack of semiconductors globally, which made customers turn to the supply that was available, which was the one for used cars”he explained.

Fernández Barrio stressed that there is still an unsatisfied demand by those who want to buy a 0 kilometer and that this led to a greater sale of used cars. “Many people who did not find what they wanted went looking for cars with less than 30,000 kilometers, and these blew up. When you talk to the owners of the dealerships, they tell you that these vehicles took them out of their hands and rotated very quickly,” said the executive.

For his part, Mariano Segarra, general manager of Kavak Argentina, an online car buying and selling company, commented that 2021 was a complex year and that the 0 kilometer market was affected, something that had an impact on the entire value chain. . “What changed was the composition of used car sales: today more people choose to buy pre-owned cars, with a guarantee, and they want the buying experience to be agile and transparent. In this scenario, at Kavak we grew 10 times compared to the previous year, thanks to a varied catalogue, the possibility of financing and an extended mechanical coverage service”, the executive said. We need to remember

But it is not only sales that are growing in the case of used cars, but also their prices. In the CCA they pointed out that, on average, these units became 65% more expensive last year, well above the annual inflation of 2021, which, according to the Indec, closed at 50.9%.

Fernández Barrio affirmed that, definitively, the values ​​of used cars increased more than inflation. “There are cases in which dealerships that sell 0Km cars to certain customers are buying back those vehicles at a higher price than they sold them when it was new. In fact, something very particular is happening, which is that in some models getting a car with less than 20,000 kilometers costs more than the list price of that same 0Km vehicle. And that is because the 0Km is not there”, reported the executive.

When it comes to examples, simply review the price list issued monthly by the CCA. In the last publication, corresponding to January, it can be seen that A Toyota Corolla 4p 2.0 XLI CVT 0Km costs $3,144,000, while the same used model from 2020 is worth $3,062,000 and another from 2021 is $3,215,000. Something similar happens if you are looking for a Volkswagen T-CROSS 5p 1.6 Trendline, which in its 0Km version is priced at $3,198,300, while the same patented car costs $3,264,000 in 2020 and $3,427,000 in 2021..

Likewise, always according to the list published by the CCA for January, a Fiat 500 2P 1.4 T-JET ABARTH TURISMO 595 0Km costs $4,495,000, while the same car from the year 2018 is listed at $4,790,000, and one from the year 2017, $4,652,000. Meanwhile, a Chevrolet Equinox 5p ​​1.5 T 6AT LT 2 WD 0Km is $3,428,900, a 2020 one is $3,816,000, and a 2021 one is $3,930,000.

According to data from the CEC, The ten best-selling used cars in 2021 were: 1) Volkswagen Gol and Trend (107,045 units sold); 2) Chevrolet Corsa and Classic (62,632); 3) Toyota Hilux (49,462); 4) Renault Clio (44,459); 5) Ford Fiesta (40,155); 6) Fiat Palio (37,455); 7) Ford EcoSport (34,777); 8) Ford Ranger (34,550); 9) Ford Focus (33,943), and 10) Ford Ka (27,212).

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