May 17, 2022 2:32 pm

Double crime: the victims were shot by gunmen who were traveling on motorcycles

Two men with criminal records were shot to death by the occupants of two motorcycles who attacked them in the Buenos Aires district of Lomas de Zamorapolice sources reported. The event occurred the day before yesterday, at the intersection of Necochea and Dávila, in the town of Llavallol, in the consigned party of the south of the suburbs.

Police sources informed Télam that after a call to 911, personnel from the local police station went to those streets where they found a dead man and another badly injured, for which the latter was transferred to a health center in the area where he died.

According to the doctors, this second victim, identified by the Police as Norberto Cardozo, 32, had a bullet wound in the chest. According to the sources, Cardozo had a criminal record for an attempted robbery in 2014 in Llavallol, while the other victim, identified as Claudio Chamorro, 48, had a record for the same crime but in 2007 in Adrogué, in addition to a robbery committed in 2010 in the area.

Meanwhile, the police officers met with a neighbor from the neighborhood who knew the victims and said that they were attacked with bullets by the occupants of two motorcycles who later escaped, the spokespersons added.

In the case, labeled as a double homicide, the personnel of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 4 of Lomas de Zamora intervene, who ordered a series of measures in an attempt to locate the aggressors.

A man arrested for killing a man in a robbery

While looking for these murderers, another young man was arrested in La Matanza by the murderer of a 64-year-old man during an attempted robbery.

This is Gonzalo David Moyano, 21, who refused to testify when questioned by prosecutor Federico Medone, from the Homicide Thematic Instruction Functional Unit (UFI) of the Judicial Department of La Matanza.

Judicial spokesmen informed Télam that Moyano will continue to be detained for the crime of “aggravated homicide criminis causa”, to the detriment of José Aliaga Rojas. The crime occurred on January 7 at the intersection of Achira and Achupallas.

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