May 16, 2022 4:01 pm

Dismay: a three-month-old baby was strangled and her grandmother is arrested for the crime

A three month old baby was killed, presumably by constriction, in his house of the Buenos Aires party of Lomas de zamora and for the murder they arrested his maternal grandmotherpolice sources reported today.

The incident occurred on Saturday, when the suspect herself took the victim, identified as Ana Maria Patino Fabro, to the Finochietto hospital, of said party in the southern suburbs, where the baby was admitted dead.

According to the sources, the doctors confirmed that The victim had injuries to the face and neck. which were compatible with a suffocation mechanism, for which they alerted the Police. After the complaint, officers from the 10th police station intervened. from Budge Engineer and the prosecutor Marcela Juan, from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 14 of Lomas de Zamora, who went to the home where the baby lived, on the street Guaminí to 1000 of that locality.

Police sources informed Télam that after interviewing neighbors and other witnesses, the prosecutor ordered the arrest of the victim’s grandmother, 51 years old, who was charged with the crime of “aggravated homicide”. In turn, the investigations awaited this afternoon the results of the autopsy on the baby’s body to confirm if she was strangled, the spokespersons added. Meanwhile, the experts from the Scientific Police carried out various procedures at the victim’s home.

For their part, the victim’s neighbors gathered this afternoon in front of the house demanding justice and holding banners with the image of the baby and the apprehended grandmother. “She was just a baby” and “killing scoundrel” could be read on two of those banners. In that context, at least three women from the neighborhood also targeted the mother of the murdered baby, who also has another little daughter and yesterday, after learning of Ana’s crime, she was attacked by other protesters. “The girl did not inspire confidence in me,” Sebastiana told Chronicle TV, who said that the victim’s mother and grandmother also fought with each other and that they covered up those noises with “loud music.” While Jorge, an ex-partner of Ana’s mother, pointed out that the young woman “doesn’t care about anything” and that she consumes drugs and alcohol excessively.

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