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Dismantling Villarejo: truths, lies and the labyrinth of mirrors

When in three correlative statements one is true, another is false and the third is half true, the difficulty lies in distinguishing which is which. This is what has been happening with Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo. Studying their adventures is like walking through a huge labyrinth of mirrors. There are angles that portray him in irrelevance. Others overestimate its magnitude. He used to feed one or another image, as appropriate.

In the same session, he went from saying that he was “peacock” with clients and everything was marketing, to defending that his thing was an effective information analysis. It all depends on the accusation. Other times, he shatters the mirror with a resounding affirmation of those

that lead to look at the finger and ignore the Moon. The truth is that, in the end, it doesn’t matter. If something is showing the macro-judgment against him, it is a distorted reflection. Also that, despite the alleged tiredness after five declaration sessions, he is still in shape when setting the agenda, introducing the appropriate topic to avoid the one that seemed inevitable.

The attacks of 17-A

On Tuesday, in the midst of an interrogation by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, Villarejo dropped that in 2017 he collaborated with the CNI “to fix the mess of the attack on the Ripoll imam, which in the end was a serious mistake” by the then director of the institution, Félix Sanz Roldan, “for miscalculating things to give Catalonia a little scare”. The independence parties did not take long to request appearances.

The matter invaded the gatherings and generated heated debates both on that conspiracy theory, expressly ruled out by the National Court in its sentence of the attacks, and on the credibility of the commissioner. Less was said that Villarejo said it just when the prosecutor had him cornered for the intervened audios that testify the negotiations with two very specific alleged clients: those who have already acknowledged having paid 20,000 euros for two sex and drug videos of a former judge.

big brother

The commissioner tried to convince the court that, since he was an “undercover agent”, the CNI had “monitored” his whole life. That they recorded their meetings and then gave him copies of the tapes already “audited and edited” for his “peace of mind.” This strategy is curious because, as ABC has verified, in the case there are several audios in which can be heard manipulating the recorder just under his voice stream. There are also clues that contain material of questionable interest to a spy. He is heard, for example, using the bathroom. This was not, however, his initial position. At first it only said that the tapes were manipulated by those who intervened or decrypted them. Now he adds that he did not record them.

That Tuesday, the prosecutor questioned that being, as it was, Villarejo retired since 2016, the CNI monitored him in 2017. To argue that he continued to work with the Intelligence and that “the relevant people in this country must be controlled,” released the attack theory. Nothing denounced in five years and in their agendas, where he wrote down everything, there is nothing written between August 1 and 22 of that year. Just before, there is a forecast of a trip to London. Already on Friday, before the court, he seemed to reconsider: “Certain things, for defending me, do not have to come to light.” His lawyer had just placed him on the release of the Alakrana.

Until Barbara King

The prosecutor continued to press and Villarejo slipped two other headlines. First, he affirmed that the CNI used “practically the same technique” with Bárbara Rey as with him; that is to say, to record everything –and that everything hints at Don Juan Carlos–, and give him a copy. This matter returned to the spotlight when ABC published references to it in the diaries of the first chief of the spies of the democracy, Emilio Alonso Manglano. which, by the way, do not contain references to the curator. Villarejo says they were talking and cites advice he gave him about the importance of separating personal interest from the job. If it was true, it sounds like a premonition.

the janus file

The other headline on Tuesday had already been burned during the investigation, the existence of a “Janus file for the control of robes to control judges and prosecutors” which, according to what he said, “is nourished” by the same arts. It was one of the first bombs that Villarejo released after his arrest and he used it to justify his approach to Corinna Larsen. In his day he said that the CNI had entrusted him to relate to her because he had it and threatened the security of the State. What he never explained was why he was going to have it. Whether it exists or not is a mystery. What the agendas show is that the contact was given to him by a businessman. Sources of the cause explain that there is some reference to Janus in their files, but a reminder: the Police believe that the aforementioned sexual video of 20,000 euros was recorded by Villarejo himself when the affected was a judge.

His latest insinuation in this regard, introduced in the trial by his lawyer, is the existence of tapes of judges and prosecutors with minors in Cartagena de Indias during an already famous trip because he commented on it at a meal with Villarejo and other commissioners. none other than Dolores Delgado a decade before being attorney general. The audio was leaked with Villarejo in prison and she recently appointed Minister of Justice.

March 11th

The mention of 17-A has not been the first on terrorism, although now it is an open microphone and before, with long letters to the court and the intermediation of his lawyer. Thus it transpired that he was going to make revelations about some “lucky” events for Spain. Expectation served. Villarejo wrote a document on 11-M. The judge and the prosecutor took his statement and later they filed the matter. At that time, he was trying to justify his work for BBVA, which has its own piece in the case, by dressing it as a matter of state: the one that concerns the interests of France, which would have been responsible for financing 11-M.

Hormones and Prawn

Separate chapter, the Monarchy. Villarejo blames Sanz Roldán for the damage to Don Juan Carlos and blames him for filtering the audio of his conversation with Corinna Larsen, the same one that triggered the investigation in the Prosecutor’s Office. It consists since Villarejo boasted of having “seven copies” of the tape hidden and he does not say that he was recorded monitoring his life, but that the CNI forced him to do so. However, he, who defines himself as a defender of the institutions, ended up releasing in Congress that Don Juan Carlos was inoculated with “female hormones” to lower his libido. He had heard it from Larsen, but he did not transfer it to the deputies. In the trial he mentioned an alleged “Gamba project” against Doña Letizia that in 2017 the press would handle. And there he left it, again, when he defended himself before the prosecutor.

Not too much, not too little

But he had high-level information and contacts, as the agendas and the audios themselves reflect. Commissioner is and collaborated with the CNI, with more or less glory. He had managed a network of companies since the 1980s and his successive bosses tolerated them and, sometimes, used them. The accounts reveal 23 million in projects. He says that everything was reinvested. That everything was to serve the State.

He is painted as a swindler or super agent according to a client who minimizes the espionage he commissioned or a collaborator justifying the help provided. The sentence will say which angle wins in the mirror maze. And time, how many more will Villarejo break.

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