May 23, 2022 9:09 pm

Coast: intense traffic on the routes due to the tourist replacement

SILVER SEA.– An endless line of vehicles slowed down and had to settle into the left lane, the only free one in front of them. dozens of demonstrators protesting against oil companies that plan to explore the maritime platform in front of the beaches of this city.

One more delay for a trip that was made at a slow pace, product of an intense traffic towards the coast in this closure of the first half of the month and imminent start of the second fortnight, in which the greatest expectations are encrypted for a season that started with very good numbers and promises even better ones.

According to sources of Highways of Buenos Aires (Aubasa), the concessionaire company in charge of the road network that leads to the Atlantic coast, Up to 1,600 vehicles per hour circulated yesterday on routes 2 and 11. Until 5:00 p.m., 24,091 had passed heading south and 20,383 in the opposite direction. More fluid became the traffic at the height of Samborombón, with the diversion of more than half of the vehicles towards the interbalnearia.

The coincidence of the change of fortnight with the weekend meant that this crossing between those who arrived and those who left extended somewhat more than usual, with thousands of tourists who, due to the prevailing good weather, would extend their stay and would only leave between last night and today.

All this strip of seaside resorts managed to high occupancy levels since mid-December. Mar del Plata, with the largest number of places, had 85% spikes and represented the bottom of a demand that, in other nearby destinations, approached 100%. The first aspires to a growth of more than 90% and the rest to extend their days of success.

The change of fortnight in Pinamar and the long lines of cars in the income and expenses to the cityHernán Zenteno – THE NATION

“More than 12 years ago we did not have such good hotel and real estate occupancy data in Pinamar,” he told THE NATION the Secretary of Tourism of that district, Juan Ibarguren. In the accesses to that main town and others in the district, the massive entry of tourists with cars loaded with suitcases was seen since yesterday morning. At the same time Eugenia Bove, Secretary of Tourism of General Alvarado, explained that during the fortnight that ended “expectations were exceeded” and that for the one that begins “there is the same trend”.

This season there was the particularity that the beginning of the month had very high occupancy, a condition that in recent years only guaranteed the second fortnight, almost always the one chosen to program the main shows and, therefore, the one with higher prices for accommodation and services.

Bus services added additional to cover the demand for this weekend. Yesterday, until mid-afternoon, 405 buses were scheduled with 210 arrivals and 195 departures. Although the peak of movement occurred on the 10th, with 551, according to sources from the local Railway Station.

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