May 17, 2022 8:16 am

Casado asks for a PP stuck to the ground against the attacks of the “caviar left, of the shellfish and the ERE”




Paul Married has closed this Sunday the congress of the PP of Castilla y León, in which Alfonso Fernandez Manueco he has been proclaimed president with 98.26 percent of the votes. In a congress that has been presided over by the closing of ranks and the image of unity, the national president of the party has taken the opportunity to launch his first big campaign rally in his native region, before the elections on February 13. Casado has asked for a party stuck to the ground, against the attacks of the “caviar left, the one with the shellfish and the ERE”. And one of those attacks has been that of Minister Garzón against “poor quality” meat from Spain. For this reason, he has once again demanded the sudden dismissal of Garzón.

The leader of the PP has reminded Manuel Fraga, just when ten years have just passed since his death, and when, this same year, the centenary of his birth will be celebrated. The Galician politician has highlighted that he was a key person in the Transition and in the configuration of democratic and constitutional Spain, who always had it clear that “Spain is above everything”.

Casado has recalled that he is Castilian and Leonese on all four sides, with roots in Palencia and León and actually in half the region. From that position, he has defended Castilla y León against that “caviar left, seafood and ERE”, who arrive by “private jet, Falcon and helicopter” to tell the citizens of this community what they have to do and what is dedicated to attacking the Castilian and Leonese. Casado maintains the theory that Sánchez does not want to set foot in Castilla y León, because every time the PSOE does, it loses a seat.

The leader of the PP has maintained that Spanish meat is “the best in the world”, in the face of criticism from Minister Garzón in a British newspaper. “Agriculture and livestock are hallmarks of the PP,” he stressed. “This land does not have people who mistreat animals, but it is a land mistreated by Sánchez’s policies,” he warned. Shortly before, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco had once again demanded the sudden dismissal of Garzón. And Casado has repeated it later: “Alberto Garzón cannot continue for another day at the head of the Ministry. If Sánchez does not do so, he is responsible.”

In this first Casado campaign ‘meeting’, the president of the PP has charged against Sánchez on several fronts, above all for his alliances with the independentistas and his concessions in the anti-terrorist policy with the ETA prisoners. In that rally tone, he has claimed the PP as a “party of the land”, an idea with which they also want to distance themselves from Vox.

The end of Casado’s intervention has raised more applause when he has defended that the PP is the ‘yes’ party compared to Sánchez’s ‘no is no’. The PP congress has closed with the National anthem, which all the standing delegates have heard.

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