May 21, 2022 10:03 pm

Brian Cox revealed the reason why he refused to be in Games of Thrones and other great successes

The revelations made by Brian Cox in the pages of Putting the Rabbit in the Hat, autobiographical book which has just been released in the UK, continue to make waves. First, the protagonist of the series Succession, made headlines by shooting a number of actors and directors, including Johnny Depp, David Bowie, and Quentin Tarantino.

Now, the star also took care of tell the reason why he turned down roles in two big hits: Games of Thrones Y Pirates of the Caribbean. What’s more, revealed why he was not called to play a character in the movies of Harry Potter.

I am often asked if I have been offered a role in Games of Thrones -the reason for this is that all the other bugs did it- and the answer is yes. It was supposed to be a king named Robert Baratheon, who apparently died of being gored by a boar in season one,” the actor wrote. “I know very little about Games of Thrones, so I can’t tell you whether or not he was a major character, and I’m not going to Google him just in case, because I turned him down.”

Cox then revealed the real reason he turned down this character: “Why? Okay, Games of Thrones it became a huge success and everyone involved made a huge fortune, of course. But let’s say when I was originally offered the money it wasn’t that big. Plus I was going to be killed very soon, so I wouldn’t have had any of the long-term benefits of a hit show, where your salary goes up with every season.. That’s why I passed by and instead Mark Addy got gored by the boar. (I lied. I googled it).”

Brian Cox como Logan Roy en Succession

Another of the questions that Cox has to face regularly is about the reason why he was not in any of the movies of Harry Potter. “Harry Potter. That’s another one they ask me. The fucking Harry Potter”, he expressed with some indignation. “I think someone made a burning cross so I wouldn’t be in Harry Potter, because all my friends were in it.. I feel like the role I could have played was Brendan Gleeson’s, Mad-Eye Moody, but Brendan was more fashionable than I was at the time, and so is the world in my business.. In addition, it is much better than I would have been, ”he confessed.

Finally, Cox also revealed that he refused to be part of Pirates of the Caribbean, where he was offered to play Governor Swann. “It would have been a source of money, but of all the roles in that movie, that was the most thankless. In addition, I would have had to do it film after film and I would have missed all the other beautiful things that I have done in this time, “he argued.

In his autobiography, Cox traces his life, remembering a childhood marked by poverty, the death of his father when he was just eight years old and the constant hospitalizations of his mother, affected by mental problems, and how this situation forced him to grow up with the help of three older sisters.

But what caught our attention is the words he has for some of his colleagues and directors, with whom he spares no adjectives both in praise and criticism. About Johnny Depp, Cox said be sure that it is about a “very nice boy, but so exaggerated and overrated… Let’s face it, if you come as Eduardo Scissorhands, with hands like that, pale makeup and full of scars, you don’t need to do anything. And Johnny did nothing. Then he did even less.”

In the other side, Cox was very generous with Keanu Reeves, of whom he assured that “he is a great seeker, who over the years has become a very good actor”, and much more with Morgan Freeman. The three starred in the 1996 film Chain reaction (Chain Reaction). “At one point during the shoot I was cold, I was angry and I saw chaos reign around me. And I’m pleased to say that under these circumstances Morgan Freeman continued to behave like an absolute gentleman. He is the Freeman you hope to meet and meet in your dreams.”

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