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Without truce: Moria Casán ignored Susana Giménez with a hurtful phrase

2021 was left behind but, apparently, the conflicts that arose in those twelve months, no. In this way the new year began but the dramas of the previous one continue in force. At least that’s the case for “the war” between Susana Giménez and Moria Casán who, despite having pretended to be friends for a long time, do not stop throwing sticks at each other through the media. On this occasion it was One who, with her “karate language”, did not hesitate to send a special greeting to her colleague.

There is no truce: Moria Casán dismissed Susana Giménez with a hurtful phrase

The scene of this new round in the fight Moria versus Susana was the study of Moria is Moria (El Nueve), the style program late night show who has been driving Casán since mid-December. There he was in the middle of a conversation with Soledad Silveyra, his guest, when the name of his most recent rival came up and she could not help but make a spicy comment. “Miss Julia, which is something that Susana Giménez always comments on, to whom we send a kiss …”, the actress began to say.

At that point, Moria took advantage and shot: “Ah, I don’t know, I never saw Susana Giménez.” To Solita’s surprise at the strange statement, she continued: “I never watched the show. I went on her show but I never saw her, I swear. It seems strange, but I never saw it.

While her guest laughed uncomfortably and did not say a word, in an attempt to stay away from the controversy, the driver remarked once again: “I’ve been on her show a bunch of times, but I swear on my grandson I never watched her show.”

Moria Casán, in Susana’s living roomcourtesy Telefe

Silveyra dismissed his statements and stressed that it did not matter because he surely knew who Susana Giménez was. Moria, without mincing words, used that opportunity to ironize against the legendary Telefe host. “How can I not know who it is? I worked with her for two years. She is the one who doesn’t know who I am because every time I go to her show she reads to me: ‘With you Moria Casán’, he expressed.

After Solita clarified that she had nothing to do with the fight and sent Giménez a kiss, the media joined the greeting. Mockingly, he added: “Well, mommy, I’ll start with my karate language and I’ll send you an Argenzuela.” But, before resuming the interview, he decided to justify why he never saw the show hosted by his colleague. “No, really, I’ve been on his show and he reads to me, isn’t that too much? I think it makes me like a humor thing, or none, Oh well. What I want to tell you, I swear, I never saw the program because I don’t like game shows. Also, I’m always in the theater, I don’t have time, I work a lot,” he said.

Moria Casán and Susana Giménez
Moria Casán and Susana Giménez

This tug-of-war between the two divas began when Susana, in dialogue with Intruders (America), said that the former Incorrect She was an “opinologist”. Moria, who has everything but delicacy when defending herself, hit even harder when she stated that the diva was never her friend and treated her as “Argenzuela oxygenada”, referring to the driver’s controversial statements about the country’s political situation.

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