May 22, 2022 7:48 pm

Wanda Nara acknowledged that she spoke with Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez about the likes of her boyfriend’s photos

A new controversy has Wanda Nara as the protagonist. Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez confirmed the version that Rodrigo Lussich launched in Intruders (America) days ago, where he indicated that Mauro Icardi’s wife frequently puts ‘Like’ to the photos of Bautista Bello, current boyfriend of the model. Faced with the accusations, the media picked up the glove and made its release in this regard.

“Is it true that you liked Sofiju’s boyfriend?” Wanda was asked in the question and answer section of Instagram. Without hesitation, he replied: “Lie!”. Far from ending the issue, he expanded and said that he communicated with the model: “I barely read that I wrote to Sofi because we have the best and because I always prefer to clarify.”

Wanda Nara denied the rumors. Capture Instagram: @wanda_nara

However, the woman from Jujuy had confirmed in Intruders that the wink on social networks did exist: “At the time, Bauti and I were surprised, I don’t know how it all jumped out now. This was in December when I was in Jujuy and several likes of Wanda and did not understand anything. He told me ‘che, don’t you know anything? And I told him ‘how strange’. stayed there and seemed irrelevant to us. we laugh at the story”.

Later, and before the release of the media, The model returned to refer to the subject to put cold cloths on the matter. For that, he shared with his followers the message he received from Wanda on Instagram. “Sofi very rare likes because I don’t know your boyfriend nor did I put them. But I wanted to tell you. I send you a huge kiss, “Icardi’s wife clarified and both agreed that it was something strange and neither found an explanation.

The model showed the message that Wanda Nara sent her, Capture Instagram: @sofijuok
The model showed the message that Wanda Nara sent her, Capture Instagram: @sofijuok

In this way, both ended the issue but the question of who put that cataract of ‘Like’ is still up in the air.

The theory outlined by Rodrigo Lussich indicates that it would be a revenge plan by Nara for the infidelity of her husband, with Eugenia “La China” Suárez.

Wanda Nara puts ‘I like’ to the photos of Sofia Jujuy’s boyfriend

Despite this version, Wanda herself came out to clarify the goals. Also in the form of questions and answers on social networks, she answered a follower who asked if she was still in love with Icardi and inquired about her dignity after being deceived.

Given this, the businesswoman answered without hesitation: “Dignity is not given to me by a man, I give it to myself knowing that everyone who knows me, and especially myself, sees the great woman I am and my way of being” .

Wanda Nara's strong response.  Capture Instagram: @wanda_nara
Wanda Nara’s strong response. Capture Instagram: @wanda_nara

And, finally, he referred to the relationship with the Paris Saint-Germain player: “As for my husband, he is what I always wanted, someone who tells the things that no one would say, say or deny to the death” . In turn, she said that she is nobody to condemn the actions of others, but She took it as an act of respect that he told her what had happened with Suarez.

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