May 22, 2022 1:42 pm

Tourist replacement: at least six dead in a frontal crash in La Pampa

In hours in which the summer vacations experience one of their strongest tourist replacements, six people died in an accident in La Pampa. Due to the crash, which took place on National Route 188, about 6 kilometers west of the entrance to the town of Adolfo Van Praet, in the direction of Realicó, six people died, including a baby.

According to what was published by the newspaper La Arena, the incident occurred around 7:00 p.m. on Friday between a gray Toyota Corolla, in which 4 people were travelling, and a dark blue Citroën C3, which had 5 occupants.

All the Citroen passengers died instantly from injuries sustained after the violent impact.

For their part, those traveling in the Toyota were rescued by medical personnel and Volunteer Firefighters in the area. After that, They were transferred to the hospital in Realicó..

Due to the accident, the route remained completely cut off from both roads so that scientific personnel could work on site. The Corolla brand vehicle, located with an address in Maipú, was left crossed on the asphalt tape and the Citroën, with documentation in Mendoza, was found overturned a few meters from the road.

According to early versions, Four of the bodies were found inside the car.l after impact, except that of the minor, who was found dead in the middle of the grasslands, after being propelled from the vehicle by the force of the collision.

Only one of the survivors had to be admitted to intensive care.

Police officers from Realicó, the head of Regional Unit II, Alejandro Lagos, attended the scene of the accident for relief and investigation tasks; the prosecutor for Crimes against Persons, Juan Ignacio Pellegrino; and staff from the Scientific Research Agency.

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