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The recipes of the most popular sauces for pasta

With tomato, with cream, with meat or with basil; the best known sauces to accompany pasta They are Italian and have their own name. I learned to prepare them to be able to serve the pasta as in the best Italian restaurants.

Bolognese sauce.Shutterstock

Bolognese is not a quick sauce. To make it rich and full of flavor requires patience and letting it simmer. For this red and steamy preparation, like the one made by the ninth for Sunday pasta, you have to integrate each of the ingredients little by little. This recipe from Bolognese sauce, offers a magical flavor, the one that captivates children and leaves them with memories for a lifetime, the bolognese sauce recipe it is a success.

Putanesca sauce for pasta
Putanesca sauce for pastaShutterstock

The putanesca sauce gives a very special flavor to the pasta. The sauce is served mixed with spaghetti or on top of your favorite pasta. The putanesca sauce recipe It is practical to make a special dinner with what is in the cupboard and thus put together a delicious plate of spaghetti alla puttanesca. This is a Talian pasta dish, invented in Naples in the mid-20th century and typically made with tomatoes, olive oil, olives, chillies, capers, and garlic.

Alfredo sauce for pasta or vegetables.
Alfredo sauce for pasta or vegetables.Shutterstock

Classic Alfredo sauce has melted butter with Parmesan cheese. With time and the evolution of gastronomy, complexity was added to that simple way of seasoning pasta, and thus a roux o mixture of flour and butter – like the white sauce – in addition to very thick milk cream. There are those who add eggs and even chicken to give the garnish greater robustness. The different versions of the alfredo sauce recipe they have something that is always maintained, and that is that they are very creamy. That’s the whole secret.

Parsley amatriciana for pastes.
Parsley amatriciana for pastes.Shutterstock

Amatriciana sauce is one of Italy’s classic tomato sauces and has three basic ingredients: a sausage called guancialeú, which in Argentina we can replace with bacon; tomato, which can be from a can or, better still, from a quality preserve, and, finally, the Pecorino cheese that gives it a special perfume. It is a very quick preparation that can be done in parallel during the cooking time of the noodles. clearly the amatriciana sauce recipe it gives pasta a much more prominent presence on the table than that of a simple tomato sauce.

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