May 15, 2022 5:55 pm

The PSdeG of Formoso entrusts Luis Álvarez with the party’s spokesperson in the Galician Parliament




It was a matter of time that, after its defeat in the primaries, the PSdeG, in this new stage led by Valentín González Formoso, ended up removing Gonzalo Caballero from the party’s spokesperson in the Galician Parliament. This Saturday, in a meeting held with this and other issues on the table, the Socialist executive has appointed deputy Luis Álvarez as the new spokesperson. The parliamentarian from Lugo will be the voice of the party in O Hórreo.

After his defeat in the primaries, and despite his attempts to maintain levels of power in the party, his dismissal as parliamentary spokesman was taken for granted. However, his fall has not been immediate. The new direction of the formation that he now heads Formoso has taken his time to consummate the relief: Two and a half months have passed since the mayor of As Pontes and president of the Diputación de La Coruña beat Caballero in the primaries for the General Secretariat of the party.

To occupy the spokesperson in the Pazo do Hórreo, the PSdeG was considering several names among the 14 socialist deputies: Luis Álvarez, parliamentarian from Lugo, one of the key provinces in Formoso’s victory; Julio Torrado from Vilagarcia; Leticia Gallego from Vigo or deputy Begoña Rodríguez Rumbo, a person related to the new secretary general. Finally, the new party spokesman will be Luis Álvarez.

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