May 16, 2022 8:56 am

The opposition in Nicaragua is reorganized to give battle to Ortega in the new mandate

CUCUTA, Colombia.– Neither erase nor new account. The proposal of Daniel Ortega At the beginning of his fourth term of forgetting everything that has happened since the popular rebellion of 2018 began, he has obtained a majority refusal from the Nicaraguan opposition, summed up in the words from exile of Kitty Monterrey, national president of Citizens for Freedom (CxL): “A clean slate is not possible, Nicaragua has entered a new stage and that stage does not support it.”

“Neither forgive nor forget”, ratified the sociologist Sofía Montenegro.

The reasons are really weighty: more than 350 murders, 167 political prisoners including the seven presidential candidates, thousands of arbitrary arrests, torture, sexual abuse, more than 150,000 exiles… And all this with an illegitimate president who has usurped power in the midst of a kind of undeclared but de facto state of siege, in which persecution, jail and censorship have hit the opposition hard until it fragmented.

“As Félix said, Nicaragua needs justice with memory. To achieve peace (in the last century) a clean slate was made and we continued on the forgotten wounds of the past. How are we going to tell the mothers of those murdered that we wipe the slate clean and that everything here remains normal? It is one more example of the authoritarian system,” protested Berta Valle, wife of the imprisoned Félix Maradiaga, leader of the Blue and White National Unity and one of the presidential candidates serving more than seven months in prison.

The Sandinista caudillo’s call to “nothing has happened here” comes after the first dalliances to open a dialogue table with businessmen determined to coexist with the regime. Once again siren songs to buy time and thus consolidate his position of dominance, Ortega knowing that his economic feet are made of clay: The rebound of the pandemic allowed a 5% rise in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2021, as in all of America, but the forecasts for this year venture that December will end with red numbers again.

To alleviate the national situation, Ortega has the strong support of the other dictators of the continent, but above all with the international “bad guys”, such as Russia, Iran and China. The first is offered as one more piece, together with Cuba and Venezuela, on the dangerous geostrategic board of 2022. And with the Asian giant he is experiencing a diplomatic honeymoon, including the expropriation of the old Taiwan legation, which was donated to the Catholic Church. From the El Carmen bunker they consider that Chinese economic power and its ability to do business will compensate for the crisis of the economic model that broke out in 2018.

Nicolás Maduro, the Iranian, Mohsen Rezai, Daniel Ortega and the Cuban Miguel Díaz-Canel

Even before Ortega’s words, the Nicaraguan opposition was looking for a roadmap to confront the Sandinista tyranny. “The opposition organizations are in talks to build together a strategy that allows us to face the dictatorship together to promote democratic change in Nicaragua through civic and peaceful means,” María Asunción Moreno, presidential candidate in exile and member of the Executive Council of the Civic Alliance.

The bet would go through “a dialogue in which in addition to the participation of the democratic opposition forces, the church and the international community participate as observers and guarantors after showing a true political will on the part of Ortega, who must free all political prisoners,” added the opposition leader.

A path of civic and peaceful resistance that requires overcoming past mistakes to reach a national agreement, they say within the organizations. The well-known national unity that the revolutionary governments in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua itself undermine so accurately.

“The opposition is at its point of greatest organizational weakness, after being beheaded by jail, persecution and forced exile,” said Carlos Fernando Chamorro, son of former president Violeta Barrios, the “Mother of Nicaraguan Democracy.”

The journalist’s own family summarizes the current situation in the Central American country: her sister Cristiana, a great favorite to win the elections, remains confined to her own home, and her brother Pedro Joaquín is imprisoned, after being arrested when he was seen as another presidential candidate. He himself had to flee the country when the repressors were ready to capture him.

The Venezuelan example, the establishment of a commissioned government with international recognition, is far from Managua. However, they have the determined support of the United States and Europe, as they demonstrated with the new wave of sanctions hours before Ortega’s self-coronation under the support of electoral fraud in November.

And despite the fact that international pressure will continue, and will even increase (the opposition has called for “coordinated actions”), the government siege against the opposition has managed to reduce both the protests and its ability to manoeuvre, taking away the tools to continue its fight. On the one hand, the electoral route is closed and, on the other, their most powerful voices are silenced or in jail.

The respected sociologist Óscar René Vargas, well versed in the entrails of Sandinismo, is committed to the creation of a protest platform in which economic and political demands are mixed to “overcome the impression of paralysis, demoralization, impotence and give a feeling of confidence to the social movement. In other words, a protest platform with political objectives.” A goal that still seems very far away.

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