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The most wanted photos of Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin



We say it from now on: we are not going to be objective because we love this couple. Dakota Johnson y Chris Martin They have been in a relationship for four years now, but they have proven to be the opposite of cloying. Can you love someone without putting it all the time in networks? You can and they are the example. The photos of the actress and the singer together are not usual, and less when we talk about a red carpet. Each one to his own and at home close together. At home and on the beach, because their discretion does not prevent them from hitting a good vacation.

Watch out for the waves. – Lagencia-Crush

The couple has gone Tulum, in Mexico. What envy, the middle of winter and them enjoying the sun, the sea, the baths…

What they did not count on was that a paparazzi was going to immortalize the romantic and family beach day. He was there to take the photos and we were here to show them to you.

50 Dakota Beaches.-
50 Dakota beaches.- – Lagencia-Crush

Dakota Johnson took a shower for a while, but it didn’t take long for her to get shirt, hat and sunglasses. But we assure you that it is still her. The graphic proof that she is beautiful with whatever she wears.

¡Boom! – Lagencia-Crush

Once protected from the sun and the wind,
the actress
He didn’t hesitate to run back to his boy’s side at the edge of the beach.

Dakota's smile says it all.
Dakota’s smile says it all. – Lagencia-Crush

Dakota wore a black bikini with which she showed off her figure. Nor is it that we are shocked to see her in a bathing suit, because practically everyone has seen her naked thanks to the saga ’50 shades of Grey’ (she makes jokes about it herself), but it is appreciated to see such summer images. Especially because they are happy and it shows.

And we say that it was a family day because Moses, the youngest son of Chris Martin, the result of his relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow. So it is clear that the daughter of
Melanie Griffith
she is already one more and that her boy’s children adore her.

Wonderful. – Lagencia-Crush

In our top favorite photos are those of beautiful couples, like Dakota Johnson y Chris Martin, and then those of parents and children playing nonstop. And here we have it all.

Chris Martin's face is to think that he has two grown children already.
Chris Martin’s face is to think that he has two grown children already. – Lagencia-Crush.

Take a good look at all of them, because rarely are you going to see images of the couple like this. Like the same Chris Martin I would say: long live life. And long live love.

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