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The five keys to discover if dogs and cats are happy and trust their owners

Ensuring the welfare of a pet is one of the main responsibilities of people who have dogs or cats in their homes. But this is not only about providing them with a roof, a place to sleep and food, but also do whatever it takes to make them feel happy.

Although it’s not always easy to tell if they really are, animals can communicate through body language and there are certain postures or behaviors that show how they really feel.

In in case of dogs, the website ExpertoAnimal – a community made up of veterinarians, trainers, ethology experts and veterinary technical assistants – ensures that these five keys they can be used to identify if a pet is happy and, more importantly, if it trusts its owner.

Dogs indicate happiness when they invite their owners to play with themWeather/Colombia

1. Invite to play: This posture occurs when the animal raises the back of its body, bends its front legs and stares at the person in question in order to go play. If a couple of jumps or quick movements are added to this attitude, it is a sign that shows the happiness of the animal.

2. The dog leans on the owner. Every time the pet places its paws or head on top of a person, it means that it trusts them.

3. Rolls around in the grass. If in the middle of a walk the pet turns on its back and rubs its back against the grass and then stands up panting, its objective is to show that it enjoys the walk and that it is happy with its owner’s company.

4. Let them touch her belly. “When a dog lies on its back it shows that it is comfortable with its surroundings. Show confidence and if you do, it is because your well-being is excellent, ”says the website.

5. Brake in the middle of the game. If she’s in the middle of a play session with other animals and suddenly pauses and gasps, “there’s no question that she’s having one of the best times of her day,” she says. ExpertoAnimal.

How to know if a pet feels safe and confident
How to know if a pet feels safe and confidentpexels

In the case of cats…

The signals, of course, are different from those of dogs. The German Food Line Magazine, zooplus, shared the keys to recognize if the house feline feels comfortable and happy.

1. Run with energy. According to the publication, “if your beloved feline suddenly runs around the garden, the house or the apartment for no apparent reason” it means that he is feeling happy. “Cats thus express their uncontrollable desire to enjoy life,” they say.

3. It has its tail raised. If your pet has its tail up, the tip curled up a bit and it rubs against its legs, “it is clear that it is satisfied”, says Zooplus.

If a cat allows you to pet it, it means that it feels safe.
If a cat allows you to pet it, it means that it feels safe.Weather/Colombia

4. Comes to you to ask for caresses. “One sign that you have a happy cat is when he climbs up on the sofa for cuddles. Or when you (climb) on the couch meowing while (you) are working,” reads the website. If he does this it means he is happy.

5. Rubs nose against owner. This behavior is a sign that the expense enjoys the company of the person in question so much that “it wants to impregnate you with its scent. Yeah, he’s marking it.”

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