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The crime of Fernando Báez Sosa. The chilling stories of the young people who saw their friend die

They can never forget it. They witnessed the murder of their friend. They were next to him when the mob attacked him from behind. They watched as he was beaten unconscious on the ground. They tried, but could not avoid the kicks that Fernando Báez Sosa received in the head and face. The victim died “almost instantly” from head trauma.

Starting January 2 of the next year They will be face to face with the killer gang again. They will be key witnesses in the debate where Luciano Pertossi, 20, will be tried; Ciro Pertossi, 21; Lucas Pertossi, 22; Ayrton Viollaz, 22; Maximum Thomsen, 22; Enzo Comelli, 21; Matías Benicelli, 21, and Blas Cinalli, 20, the eight accused of doubly aggravated homicide for their commission of treachery and for the premeditated competition of two or more people in ideal competition with the crime of minor injuries.

After the crime in Villa Gesell, the marches demanding justice were massiveRodrigo Nespolo

“The first male who hit Fernando was tall, 1.85 meters tall, with a robust build, dark brown hair, who was wearing a white shirt, brown sheepskin boots and apparently burgundy or brown pants. I think this male with the blow sat Fernando down. There I see Fernando on his knees. This boy hit Fernando on the floor, kicked him at least three times in the jaw. There Fernando no longer responded. I stay in front shocked and I see Fernando on the floor fainted, as if in a fetal position, “said Juan Bautista Besuzzo, a friend of the victim, under oath to tell the truth.

The young man recalled that the group of friends arrived by bus at Villa Gesell on January 16, 2020 and stayed at the Hola Ola hostel. The weekend ended in tragedy. They returned without Fernando, who was 19 years old and studying law.

Around 7:00 p.m. on January 17, they decided that they were going to dance at Le Brique, the bowling alley where, without knowing it, Fernando was going to cross paths with his assassins. In the classic Gesell disco was the victim’s girlfriend, Julieta Rossi, with her friends.

They danced. They were in the VIP area and took photos. It all ended abruptly at 4:40 when, according to witness statements, the patovicas took Fernando out of the bowling alley after he tried to defend his friend Julián García who had been attacked by a group of young people, who were also kicked out of the club.

“Within five minutes of being there [afuera del boliche], chatting with the boys about the reason why they had been taken out and about what had happened inside, is when a group of young people appears. They were six or seven. They started beating us all. I got hit in the mouth, but it was nothing, others got more than me. I was stunned because it was in one ear [el golpe]. I went across the street to look for Le Brique’s security. One of the aggressors literally said ‘now what happens that we are outside’, as if inciting the fight”, said Julián, also under oath to tell the truth.

The witness added: “When I turn around I see Fernando in leather [sic], lying on the floor, and that they were kicking him, at no time did I see a weapon or any element, they were pineapples and kicks.

Federico Raulera was also at Le Brique. It was another of Fernando’s friends. Neither spoke publicly since that nightmare. In his statement, he recalled that they asked the aggressors to stop. He maintained that the cowardly attack lasted between two and three minutes. He stated that the attackers left when Fernando was unconscious on the floor.

The pain of Fernando's friends after the brutal crime they witnessed
The pain of Fernando’s friends after the brutal crime they witnessed

Tomás D’Alessandro Gallo was also able to tell what he saw and how he tried to avoid the terrible end: “They punched him, pushed him and threw him to the ground. I try to defend it by hitting some of the subjects. At one point they pushed me, threw me to the ground, kicking me all over my body, mainly in the head, and punches on my body, I think there were at least three people who attacked me. I think there were at least eight male subjects who attacked us. When I get up, I see some of my friends beaten and Fernando bloodied, his face badly beaten, unconscious. Another of the aggressors began to shout ‘let’s see if you hit again, black shit’, I guess he was referring to Fernando”. It was he who called the 911 emergency number to report what happened.

For Justice there is no doubt that there was a criminal plan. This was explained by the prosecutor Verónica Zamboni in the request for trial: “The first five active subjects [sic] –Máximo Pablo Thomsen, Ciro Pertossi, Enzo Comelli, Matías Franco Benicelli and Blas Cinalli–, after agreeing to intercept the victim and hit her in order to kill her, on the sidewalk located in front of the Le Brique dance place, approach Báez from behind Sosa, taking advantage of the fact that he was on his back and defenseless, and in this way, acting safely, by virtue of numerical and physical superiority, they surround him, pounce on him and begin to punch him in the face and body. , both him and his friends, as a result of which Fernando falls to the ground on his knees and then unconscious –thus fulfilling the premeditated plan, dividing up the previously agreed tasks–. That immediately, once again taking advantage of the victim’s state of defenselessness, in order to kill him and comply with the agreed plan, they kicked him on the ground several times in the face and head, causing internal and external bodily injuries, which led to his death. death almost immediately, by causing Cardiac arrest caused by neurogenic shock due to severe head trauma.

Not only friends were witnesses to the homicide that occurred between 4:41 and 5 on January 18, 2020. Other people who went to Le Brique also saw the attack at the door of the bowling alley, such as Tatiana C., who contributed: “Fernando was He was adjusting his shirt, which had been ripped off, when two boys crossed and kicked him from behind, followed by two or three more. Fernando fell to the floor and they began to hit him between those two, and then a couple more came to hit him. They began to hit him on the sidewalk and as if they were dragging him to the cordon”. The young woman said that she tried to intercede and that she came to see the victim very badly. “They beat him like a bag of potatoes,” eloquently graphed.

There are no differences between Fernando's friends: they all affirm that the aggressors continued to kick the young man when he was lying on the sidewalk without reaction
There are no differences between Fernando’s friends: they all affirm that the aggressors continued to kick the young man when he was lying on the sidewalk without reaction

The witness, under oath to tell the truth, remembered a phrase that was recorded in her mind. In the middle of the attack, another person appeared, who he believes did not belong to the group of aggressors, and shouted: ‘go kill him, hit him’. One of those who was beating Fernando got up, looked at him and, while lifting him by the neck, said ‘stay calm I’m going to take it as a trophy’.

At file, to which LA NACION had access, the stories of the victim’s friends they are coincident. “I see Fernando on the floor, fainted, I was 15 meters away, and there I saw when they kicked him in the belly and in the head, it was all pineapple and kick, they had no weapon or any element,” said Federico Tavarozzi . For his part, Lucas Begide claimed not to have identified who he hit, but he did remember seeing his friend on the floor with his face covered in blood. “He barely moved,” he described.

The sequence reported by witnesses leaves no room for doubt: when the young man was helpless on the ground, the violence did not stop. “First they punch him and then, when he falls to the floor, almost unconscious, they start kicking him in the head,” reconstructed another of them, Luciano Bonamaison.

The eight young people considered to be co-authors of Fernando’s homicide and of the injuries suffered by his friends are detained in the Departmental Mayor’s Office III of La Plata, in Melchor Romero. They had previously been housed in the Dolores prison, the city where the trial will be held next year, by the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) No. 1.

They spend 21 hours a day locked in their cells. They only have contact with each other and do not associate with other prisoners. “They have a little natural light when they go out to the patio, three hours a day,” said a source close to the accused. For the defense, led by lawyer Hugo Tomei, the conditions of detention are inhumane and he requested that they be improved.

The rugbiers accused of beating and killing Fernando are not linked to other prisoners of the Departmental Mayor's Office III of La Plata, where they are housed
The rugbiers accused of beating and killing Fernando are not linked to other prisoners of the Departmental Mayor’s Office III of La Plata, where they are housedHernan Zenteno – Hernan Zenteno

The case was brought to trial by the Dolores Guarantees Judge David Mancinelli on February 4, and TOC No. 1 of that Judicial Department set a start date for January 2, 2023.

Fernando’s parents, with the little strength they have left, renew the request for justice two years after the crime. “Hopefully there will be an exemplary sentence so that we can be calm. We want what the law says to be fulfilled. If the sentence is 20 or 30 years in prison, they must serve it inside the jail and that the murderers do not leave before their time”, expressed to LA NACION the father the victim, sitting on the bed where his son slept.

The parents of Fernando Báez Sosa, two years after the murder of their son

Graciela Sosa is 55 years old and Silvino Báez, 48. She works in family homes in domestic activities. He, in maintenance tasks in an ophthalmology clinic and as a manager in the building where they live, in Recoleta.

“We are with the pain on our backs,” Silvino said. And he was moved to tears when he remembered the day that Fernando arrived from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) after enrolling in Law. In 2019 he passed the Common Basic Cycle (CBC) and dreamed of being a great lawyer.

In the file they are represented by lawyer Fernando Burlando. At trial they will testify as witnesses, but may not attend all hearingsIt’s because, you know, it will be too hard a time. Only, they repeat, they expect an exemplary conviction.

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