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The addiction of Julián Muñoz





Julian Munoz one day he freaked out with the singer of ‘Marinero de Luces’, and gave himself to a life of queen of comb, but without comb and with macho pants. That courtship turned out the way it did. There was even jail, for both of them. Now, Muñoz returns to the past, because that is where his future lies. And he presents a documentary on TV, alluding clearly to Isabel Pantoja: «More than an obsession, it was an addiction». And he concludes: «It is not the time for revenge, it is the moment of truth». Muñoz left the trena for “humanitarian reasons and personal dignity.” So Justice also has his heart. We wanted health for him, and we also want repentance, which is like asking for health for the people of Marbella, who have no reason to thank our man.

He was guilty of love, first, and then a prisoner properly speaking. He is now a retired ex-boyfriend, and a prison retiree. In a time of permission that they gave him, he triumphed as the mustache with the best cache on TV, above the mustache of Íñigo and other famous mustaches. And now he insists. He has been a millionaire man in pending cases, before the courts, and a lazy exclusive poet who glossed over the skin of a muse, a singer by profession, who no longer wanted to hear him. In the penultimate eras, he was crooked in health. It seems that it has been improving. One day he was imprisoned, but a prisoner of love, as the poets say. And then we have been seeing him a little or a lot a prisoner of himself. Now he says he brings the truth to TV. If Pantoja didn’t have enough with her family, there’s Julián. With future back to the past.


It seems that of Rice Mustache Y Barbara King has come to nothing: friendship, which is what is said when there is nothing to say. As if we ever expected anything else.

Barbara Rey and Mustache Arrocet
Barbara Rey and Bigote Arrocet – Social networks


Raphael It is a legend that suddenly the deneí teaches you, and puts Rafael, without the ph, as his. It is the premiere of a biographical documentary series, of which there was a ‘premiere’ in the Plaza del Callao, in Madrid. I was there, and seeing the movie, with Raphael by my side, is something stupefying, because the cinema tells the truth of his life, and the truth, and life in progress, is right there, in an adjoining seat, with the family. Which by the way does not include jug children, and without a job, as happens among so many famous of his generation, or another. They wrapped him up like never before. As usual.


The death of Jaime Ostos brings to mind Lita Trujillo, incalculable novel character, who nevertheless has existed. One day she gave me the definition of the moment, which still lasts: «To be famous in Spain is to allow oneself to be insulted».

Jaime Ostos and his wife
Jaime Ostos and his wife – Gtres


The international quota brings this week the novelty that Miley Cyrus has found a boyfriend. The boyfriend is called Maxx Living, and he’s a drummer in the rock group Liily, but we almost don’t care. It serves us to remember Miley, never quite forgotten. I had been thinking that Miley Cyrus was nothing more than a very posturious video, but it turns out not, that the girl exists, and that sometimes she even gives a concert. I mean that the girl in question had seemed like a computer invention to me, but lo and behold, she exists, and she jumps like a happy creature on stage, and she even flatters her front-row fans by sprinkling their faces with spring water. his own mouth. That, before the coronavirus, of course. Naturally, she changes a lot of lingerie, during the show. In his day, I saw in concert Madonna, who worked it like an Amazon. Miley is something like a younger sister of Madonna, with a loose repertoire and a greater assortment of corsets. The comparison with Madonna greatly benefits Miley, who is more of an entertainer than an artist. Miley bores me, like American porn, more or less. They’ve renamed it to their roll under the title of ‘pornodisney’, which we don’t really know what it is, although we do. It is about a cute girl who sticks out her tongue a lot, without clear criteria, after making a career as Hanna Montana. Between Miley and Madonna is Lady Gaga, and here we are before an update of Madonna, which goes through emulation, naturally. I see Miley as venial, and that’s probably why she’s so popular among adolescents, who find mischief in her, when we don’t even see the temperature, as far back as we are, already, from the easy golfing of marketing. It has lolita makings, yes, but its provocation is not such, but a cross between marketing and training. Miley, so willful, does not go beyond a cartoon vignette, although her choreographies are not for children, although a little yes. For that non-calendar childhood of those who still get scared because the girl sticks out her tongue when she doesn’t play. Because, yes, the tongue sticks out like nobody else.

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