May 16, 2022 12:40 pm

Terror on the set: Neve Campbell said that she was chased and attacked by a bear in the middle of filming

Neve Campbell starred in some of the most memorable horror scenes in the saga Scream, But his biggest on-set scare wasn’t given by any monster or masked killer. The actress told in a recent interview that She was chased and attacked by a bear in rehearsals for a film.

The fact, according to The Kelly Clarkson Show, came a few years before Wes Craven chose her to play the heroine Sidney Prescott’s body. At the time, she was 17 years old and eager to make a place for herself in Hollywood. That is why, when in the middle of a filming they suggested that she interact with a bear to rehearse a scene in which the animal had to chase her, she did not refuse.

“I was playing a character that had a great connection to animals and there was a scene where a bear was chasing me,” he began by explaining. He continued, “They brought this bear on set and first gave me a big bottle of soda to feed him. After feeding him, they asked me to dip my hand in honey and run away. When you get to the tree over there, stick your hand out and feed the bear.They pointed me out.”

But nothing went according to plan. “I put my hand in the honey and ran to where they had indicated. I turned around and put my hand out, but the bear didn’t stop.” revealed the actress.

“He grabbed my leg and dragged me through the woods. My mother was visiting the set and she would not stop screaming, in a state of panic. The whole team froze, because no one could believe what was happening. The only thing I thought about was that the bear was biting me”, he recalled.

Obviously, there was no well-oiled contingency plan. The situation ended up being resolved with the caretaker throwing stones at the bear to distract it and separate it from the actress.

Campbell also said that at that time he considered the experience “silly”, because it was common for them to ask him for “stupid things” during filming. However, he clarified that now he would not lend himself to a similar situation.

The actress deliberately avoided mentioning in which production the incident took place, but made it clear that it happened before 1996, the year in which the first film was released. Scream. This week the fifth film of the saga was released, with Campbell, again, as the protagonist.

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