May 18, 2022 4:40 am

Some budgets to remove and put



The amendments introduced at the last minute by the Government and its partners in the text of the General State Budgets -cessions in payment for the parliamentary support necessary to carry out the accounts, with ERC, Bildu, the PNV and the PDECat as beneficiaries- are to prevent the affected departments from balancing their accounts and meeting their own spending forecasts. Without the allocation of specific funds, and as a sign of the opacity with which the Government tries to cover up its weakness, these amendments will have to be financed through the technique popularized by María Jesús Montero – “I have always said, kid, there are 1,200 million , that’s not much, you take that away or put it in part of the budget»-, with the aggravating circumstance that it is the Ministry of Finance itself, presumed watchdog of budget rigor, which refuses to evaluate and put black on white the cost of some games put with shoehorn and without forecast of costs.

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