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Ricardo Montaner’s ex-wife broke the silence and gave her opinion on the singer’s new family

The Montaner clan is currently one of the most mentioned families both on social networks and in the media. During the last months, the members of the group did not stop starring in events that shook the show business, from the paternity announcement of Evaluna and Camilo to the long-awaited marriage of Ricky and Stefi Roitman. In the midst of this great wave of popularity, Ana Vaz Pönicke -ex-wife of Ricardo Montaner- spoke about the current state of her relationship with him.

Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke, former wife of Ricardo Montaner

The woman had a chat with Lío Pecoraro and Fernando Piaggio, hosts of the interview cycle The run run of the show (Chronicle), and there she decided to reveal how her bond is with who her husband used to be. Free of any kind of rancor or resentment, Ana Rosa expressed: “I will only say that I am a very proud mother of my children, whom I love deeply. I also love Ricardo and Marlene’s children very much.” He also assured that Héctor and Alejandro, fruits of their relationship with the author of “Bésame”, get along very well with their brothers and that they are all “loving”.

The journalists could not miss the opportunity to ask his opinion about the so-called “event of the year”. Faced with the consultation on the union of Ricky Montaner and Stefania Roitman, which was held on Saturday, January 8 in the province of Buenos Aires, Ana Vaz Pönicke only had to say beautiful words. “I know her and she is a spectacular girl. I know they are going to be very happy and blessed in their lives,” he said.

Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner during their wedding
Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner during their weddingInstagram @montaner

The love story between Ana Vaz Pönicke and Ricardo Montaner It started when they were just teenagers. Madly in love with each other, they married as soon as they came of age and at 18 became parents for the first time. From their love, Héctor and Alejandro were born, who would later follow in the footsteps of the renowned musician.

The famous singer-songwriter built his fame at the same time that he formed his first family and, while one grew stronger, the other weakened. The demanding tours and the endless hours of work in the studios were not free and his relationship with Ana deteriorated.

Ricardo Montaner’s ex-wife broke the silence and gave her opinion on the singer’s new family

Finally, after eleven years of marriage they decided to put an end to it. after the breakup, Ricardo remarried and had three more children, Evaluna, Mau and Ricky. For his part, Vaz Pönicke decided to move away from the world of fame and does not even have his social media accounts open to the public.

Ricardo Montaner with his five children
Ricardo Montaner with his five children

The division of paths did not imply that the relationship ended. On the contrary, Ana has nothing but words of affection to refer to her ex-husband. As for his first two children, both dedicated themselves to music but with a lower profile than their three half-siblings. Alejandro, the first, occupies a managerial position in the record company Sony Music Latam while Héctor, the youngest, shines behind the scenes composing songs that are hits in the mouths of other artists.

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