May 15, 2022 8:51 pm

Mar del Plata: a fierce fire destroys the famous Mambrú hamburger restaurant

MAR DEL PLATA.- Three crews of firefighters worked tonight to control the fire that consumed a large part of the facilities of the traditional Mambrú hamburger and pizzeria, in the neighborhood of La Perla.

For more than two hours they intervened with the support of fire trucks to attack the flames that, in principle, would have started in a sector of the roof and advanced towards interior rooms of the kitchen.

The emergency, warned when the fire was advanced, forced the evacuation of the premises where there were local staff and clients when it had just passed 10:30 p.m., peak time for the night service of this traditional gastronomic space.

The origins of the fire are still unknown, but it is speculated that the heat of the chimney that ventilates the oven of this store enabled combustion in branches and dry leaves accumulated on the roof. When the employees wanted to intervene to control the situation, the flames had already spread over a large area.

This fire was added to almost 30 interventions that the different fire departments of Mar del Plata had had in different parts of the city, most of the cases in open areas where the day of record thermal mark for Mar del Plata hit, with record maximum of 41.9 degrees at 16.

In front of the Libertad y Salta premises, laments and even tears were heard from several of the workers and clients of this traditional space, recognized for decades for its particular hamburgers, pizzas and cakes. The firm had been in the market for more than four decades and was highly recognized by tourists.

Sources from the Central Fire Detachment informed LA NACION that shortly after midnight they were already dealing with the tasks of cooling the surface after controlling the flames. Once that instance was completed, work could be done on the scene so that the experts can determine what was the reason that triggered this fire and determine if it was an accidental event or someone was responsible.

Also with the light of day, it will be an opportunity to measure the damage caused by the fire and what are the possibilities of starting repairs soon for a reopening within the framework of this successful season that is being lived on the Atlantic coast.

Last night, with temperatures still over 30 degrees, Mambrú was one of many gastronomic establishments in the city that had a very high demand both for consumption at their premises or sidewalk and for take away. Those who were there at 10:30 p.m., the start time of the fire, experienced first hand the desperation in the face of the flames that advanced despite attempts to control them with simple fire extinguishers.

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