May 14, 2022 9:25 am

Machines against bank employees… and customers



The first time I saw a contraption that counted banknotes It was at the Caja de Ahorros de Valencia, La Cigüeña branch. The clerk gave me the amount requested and I, while thanking her, allowed myself to give her a warning. “That machine will one day take away your job.” smiled. Not the machine but the lady, although it could perfectly have happened the other way around. I went back to coincide for a few more months in the same branch with the same employee and with more and more machines around her and at the same time less staff in the office.

It would not have been many more months when I ran into the same worker from the C during office hours.Valencia Savings Bank on the Calatrava bridge.

“You were right,” he told me, “when you told me that the machine that counted bills was going to take my job away from me. They have already retired me.”

Like her, thousands and thousands of employees of banks and savings banks have been retired early, fired or, as a lesser evil, transferred to another office for the sake of the purpose of the directors of financial entities to reduce costs at all costs, because the banking business is no longer what it was. Or that, at least, is what they say as a justification for the pickles that they have done in past times and continue to do in very present times.

From the financial institutions you receive messages surreptitiously inviting you to forget to go to the office that you had by use and custom, which better if you download an app and so you can operate from the mobile phone. Or that you learn to make bizum to facilitate the speed of the procedures.

Carlos Sanjuán, retired and resident of Valencia, has undertaken “an authentic crusade” in the words of the editor of ABC that accounts for the efforts of this man, capable of having already gathered more than 135,000 signatures with the purpose “that banks attend to the elderly in person.”

Here I show my support, solidarity and affection with Mr. Sanjuan. And I would add a coda to your request, that this attention be equally possible for people, elderly or not, especially if they come from other countries and still have difficulties with the language, which incapacitates them to the point of almost not knowing how to apply. (to another tome installed for that purpose, of course) the ticket that establishes the shift to be served, just as it also happens in a delicatessen.

Just as I have already written down my support, solidarity and affection for Mr. Sanjuán, I also allow myself to tell him that he should not have illusions because they will be in vain. Your request, as reasonable and reasoned as possible, will end up being rejected by the entity’s management of savings to which it has been directed. At most, they will offer you an email address to address your complaint. Or better to download the bank’s applications, considered little less than a bundle of magic wands capable of achieving any wish.

Lost battle of the users. We have to face a talking device to tell it that we don’t want to talk to a machine no matter how much it has believed its ingenuity to answer, not to solve.

If for one of those the automaton has the detail of offering you the possibility of being attended in Spanish or Valencian Say it’s in Spanish. I explain. It happened to a trilingual friend questioned by the machine about his language preferences. After asking that it be in Valencian, he found a voice so, so principality (I don’t know how they will resolve that denomination if they continue with the bitch from the republiqueta) who decided to cut it. And not only communication but its link with the entity.

«Don’t complicate your life or cause bad blood, I told him, go to Caixa Ontinyent which, by all accounts, is the only purely Valencian entity we have left». And that he has done. No problem.

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