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Latest society news for today Saturday, January 15



Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you can read all the news and latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Saturday, January 15 in the world and in Spain:

Armengol disobeys the Supreme Court and vetoes 25% of teaching in Spanish in his educational law

The Balearic PSOE and its nationalist partners continue shaping their educational law to disobey the Supreme Court by maintaining de facto linguistic immersion and, at the same time, preventing it from being challenged in court. The President of the Island Government, Francina Armengol, flatly refuses to apply the minimum of 25% of teaching in Spanish because he considers that the order of the High Court only affects Catalonia. That is why the future Balearic educational law, which concluded its presentation phase yesterday, will maintain the absolute preponderance of Catalan as it has until now thanks to the Law on Linguistic Normalization and the Minimum Decree, which sets a minimum of 50% of teaching hours in Catalan without establishing a maximum, which allows an immersion system in practically all the centers of the islands.

The only concession of the Balearic Government to the opposition led by the PP has been the classification of Castilian as the vehicular language, a maneuver that the Balearic Executive understands will make the regulations “less vulnerable to challenge”, as recognized last Thursday by the parliamentary partners of Armengol, Més per Menorca.

Coronavirus: Germany eliminates quarantines for those vaccinated with a third dose

The German parliament has given the green light today (Friday) to the new quarantine regulations, which frees those vaccinated with the third dose and reduces from 14 to 10 days for the rest in case of infection. For ‘direct contacts’ with an infected person who are not vaccinated with the third dose, the quarantine may end if on the fifth day a test gives a negative result. The Bundestag thus ratifies the decision of the government of Olaf Scholz, defended in the plan by his Minister of Health,

The rise of ‘ghost flights’ points to inconsistencies in the EU’s climate commitment

It was called the ‘shame of flying’ and was attributed to those who used the most polluting means of transport, the plane. But more than two years after the popularization of this climate campaign, the problem is not the passengers, but the lack of them. With the arrival of Omicron, thousands of almost empty planes are flying through the skies with one goal: to preserve airline schedules at airports, despite the environmental impact and inefficiency.

France recovers the debate on the mask outdoors: Could they be banned in Spain?

The mask has emerged as one of the great measures to contain the pandemic. Together with vaccination, its use to stop the virus is indisputable. The use of face masks in interior spaces, endorsed by epidemiologists, seems indisputable. But not so much outdoors. Therefore, there are several obstacles being encountered who want to impose them in open places. The latest setback in this regard has come to the Government of Emmanuel Macron.

The morning cold will freeze Blue Monday

The frost They will star in the early hours of next Monday, with minimums that will reach -6ºC in points of the interior of the peninsula, according to Eltiempo.es. During this week the frosts and the cold morning and night have already been protagonists in our country, reaching down the thermometer to around -10ºC in some localities.

Spain exceeds eight million infected after adding 162,508 positives in one day

Spain has exceeded eight million coronavirus infections this Friday throughout the pandemic, after adding 162,508 new positives to the balance. The incidence at 14 days continues to rise and has already reached 3,192 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while ICU occupancy remains at 23.62%.

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