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The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to all users. All the news of Saturday, January 15 with an exhaustive summary that you cannot miss:

“I think then I torture”: why cats give us a thousand laps in the art of living

He said Pedro J. Ramirez, that of El Español.com (not ‘.es’), which Mariano Rajoy it seemed that he felt a kind of discomfort with his being and being in the world. Rajoy attack, although we are all Rajoy, at some point. And, very particularly, if we compare ourselves with cats, which are hated on the contrary according to John Gray (1948), Doctor of Philosophy and professor at Oxford. We hate felines for their “aristocratic detachment” and their “innate sense” to be comfortable in their own skin.

Pedro ‘El Granaíno’, the flamenco star who learned to sing at street markets

1,400 kilometers separate him from his next stop: the Nîmes Flamenco Festival, where he is heading by car from Seville to perform this Saturday, January 15. To him, though, that beating doesn’t seem like much; Or at least it looks familiar. For years, and until relatively recently, one of the great singers on the current scene was a street vendor. There were four stops he had to make on his market route, always in Andalusia. He slept in the cars, with the family, because “before it wasn’t like today, that vendors come and go during the day.” And there, he says, the torn echo with which he sings was forged. Pranking pajamas.

Juan Miguel Hernández León: Apostle of postmodernity

I personally feel the death of Ricardo Bofill. He was a very important figure for the renewal of Spanish architecture in the eighties. I think specifically, he was able to take a certain dull, gray sense out of the discipline.

Edu Galán: ‘Bogdanovich Side Story’

Seeing Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story’ in the cinema has a lot of farewell. On New Year’s Eve afternoon, in a shopping center-nothing in Castellón, in an empty room, a -my- youth vanishes. There was a time in ‘The last movie’top of cinema Peter Bogdanovich, and now he too has faded to black. Spielberg is still the one who with ‘Jaws’ buried the cinema that Bogdanovich inhabited: the Welles, Ford or Hitchcock system. Therefore, it is fair that he be the one with a superb, mature, thunderous, classic film, who resurrects him for a couple of hours in an ephemeral ceremony. Very short-lived: his film has been a commercial failure.

Carlos Zanón: «Nostalgia is not a place where you can stay for a long time»

After that detour that was ‘Identity problems’ hand in hand with Vázquez Montalbán’s Carvalho from which, he sighs, came out “more or less alive”, Carlos Zanon (Barcelona, ​​1966) returns home. To its sad rockers, its lonely ‘cowboys’ and those songs by The Muffs, The Cure and Simple Minds that end up merging into a kind of toxic and mutating repertoire. To its chronic losers and, finally, to that melancholy that sticks to the skin like dry leaves blown by the wind. Come home, yes, but the house has changed. It is not the same. «Here Barcelona comes out at the beginning and that’s it. ‘Taxi’ was about one character and here there are three… In reality you are always trying to do different things, but obviously you have a territory, a world in which you feel comfortable”, explains the Barcelona-born author, wearing a Smiths shirt and a beard two days under a mustache that begins to demand attention, sitting on a terrace in La Barceloneta. “In the background there is always a search, although on the other hand you go around the ghosts that we all have,” he adds.

‘The notebook of Pythagoras’ takes the humanity of prisoners to the theater

One day in 2016 Carolina AfricaHe entered the Valdemoro prison. Not as an inmate, but to give a talk to the group of prisoners who, like every year, prepared a play inside the LOVA project (The Opera as a Learning Vehicle). The prejudices with which he arrived were soon diluted. “That transformed me,” says the playwright, who since then regularly goes to the penitentiary center and maintains her volunteer work. From this experience was bornPythagoras’ notebook‘, which, if the Covid-19 allows it -it has already delayed the premiere for a week-, will raise the curtain next Tuesday at the Valle-Inclán theater. The direction is by the author herself and the cast includes Manolo Caro, Emmanuel Cea, Gledys Ibarra, Helena Lanza, Ascen López, Jorge Mayor, Nuria Mencía, Pepe Sevilla and Victoria Teijeiro. The nine actors play more than thirty characters.

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