May 15, 2022 11:51 am

Isabel Pantoja makes a decision that leaves Julián Muñoz out of the game




Julian Munoz rose from the dead. He appeared on television with a wizened face but with a more viperous tongue than ever. He returned, stripped of empathy, to deal the final blow to Isabel Pantoja. He evangelized those present with a hesitant speech with which he pretended to proclaim himself a victim and a martyr. Without the bravado of yesteryear, the one with which he threatened to break cameras and microphones, but with the sarcasm and contempt of someone who has already lost everything, Julian performed an exercise of forgetfulness that froze the most handsome.

Not only because he rewrote his history with Isabel, but because he could not or did not want to delve into the chicanery that landed him in jail.

Because if something bewitched Muñoz it was not Pantoja, but the money. An ambition that has made him step forward and open his hands to receive alms. Four gold coins and a slow-cooked revenge have been enough to rescue him from that media begging to which he was banished for obvious reasons.

Muñoz he speaks and expresses himself well. It is clear that for years he handled words with ease to deceive and defraud the people of Marbella. He looted the municipal coffers with the same ease that yesterday he pointed out to Pantoja as the ambitious woman who was blinded by money. Saturn devouring his own son. So much hilarity will have response.

Pantoja he will not sit idly by. Just like it happened with Theresa Rivera, the sister of Paquirri, the tonadillera is not going to tremble when it comes to taking her ex to court. So much outdated accusation, so much canned hatred cannot have, for her, another answer. Not only for Julian, but for all those who, crossing all limits, insinuate that Pantoja thrives in bed. She, who has been singing for forty years and generating more employment than the INEM.

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