May 16, 2022 12:09 pm

How is the health of Carlos Ferrara, the chronicler of Elnueve who fainted on air

Last Thursday, January 14, the Telenueve (ElNueve) chronicler Carlos Ferrara had to be treated by SAME personnel after fainting live in the area of ​​the Teatro Colón while covering the coronavirus testing queue.

As LA NACION learned, Ferrara was immediately transferred to the Ramos Mejía Hospital in the Federal Capital. Right there, different studies were carried out, from analysis, X-rays and tomography, to get an accurate diagnosis, beyond dehydration due to heat stroke that day at noon.

Once stabilized, he was transferred to Sanatorio Los Arcos in the Palermo neighborhood, where He was already discharged, with a key diagnosis, since those results showed that the journalist has a high blood glucose level, for which he will begin a treatment for diabetes, they trusted LA NACION from their work environment.

For these hours he rests at home and in the next few days he will be able to return to his work routine.

The heat wave is hitting the country hard. That Thursday a temperature close to 37 ° C was recorded. In the midst of such an intense climate, the Covid testing centers are operating with the same high demand that has been observed since mid-December and, despite the Government’s efforts to mitigate the extreme demand for tests, people continue to come to undergo tests. a swab The long queues under the sun and the situation in these centers was the event that the journalist Carlos Ferrara went to cover for Elnueve and suffered, as a result of the weather, a live faint.

As the camera pointed at the people waiting their turn, it was heard as in off Ferrara apologized to Claudio Pérez, host of the news these days. Suddenly, A bang was heard over the microphone and the cameraman showed the audience what had happened: Carlos had fainted and was lying on the ground.

Fortunately, the coverage was in a testing center, so the health personnel came at that very moment to provide the required assistance. The channel went to a cut and when he returned, Pérez reported how the chronicler’s situation continued.

“The first thing we want to say is that we were waiting for a confirmation that they are treating our colleague Carlos Ferrara who had a small decompensation on his mobile,” explained the driver who is covering the vacations of Esteban Mirol, a natural driver of Telenueve at Noon.

Along these lines, he added: “Fortunately, it was just there, a minute and a half away, people from SAME who are already treating him and recovering him. Clarified this topic that was seen in part on the air, of course. We are part of the workers who are in this heat on the street, our fellow mobile workers.

The journalist and chronicler of radio Miter, Mercedes Ninci added a claim in order to avoid this type of situation for the workers: “Please, it is time that the mobile workers no longer have to go out in a jacket and shirt to work in the summer. They would have to wear a shirt. I say it for all the national and international channels”.

“People are interested in the content of the story and not how the journalist is dressed.” To close the post, he dedicated a special message to his colleague: “You are very well dear Carlos.”

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