May 15, 2022 12:18 am

Hostage taking at a synagogue in Texas: SWAT and FBI operation

TEXAS.- Police are negotiating with a man who is holding hostages inside a Colleyville, Texas, synagogue., after services this Saturday. For now the authorities do not know about the number of people who are inside the place.

The kidnapper claims to be armed and to be the brother of Aafia Siddiqui, the network reported. ABC.La Pakistani Siddiqui is considered a terrorist and is in jail accused of trying to kill US soldiers and FBI agents during interrogation after her arrest in 2008 in the Afghan province of Ghanzi. The woman is allegedly linked to Al-Qaeda.

The police special operations team, the SWAT, reached the street where the Congregation Beth Israel and evacuated all residents of the sector immediately, as detailed by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The publication also details that It is still unknown if the man is armed, How many people are there and if they are in danger? Police Sgt. Dara Nelson said there are no injuries so far.

The negotiations, as reported by the police via Twitter, continue. (Amanda McCoy/Star-Telegram via AP)Amanda McCoy – Star-Telegram

The religious service, which began today around 11.30 (local time), was being broadcast live on Facebook, and in the signal that was already downloaded, you could hear an audio that sounded like negotiations between the man and the police, as reported by the Star Telegram of the United States.

FBI special agents from Dallas also joined the operation at the synagogue.a, according to a spokeswoman for the agency. “The FBI negotiators are the ones who have contact with the person in the building”Nelson assured according to CNN.

Despite the evacuation of the residents of the place, the authorities also asked the citizens of Colleyville to avoid passing through the place. For now the police have reported through a series of tweets that the situation is ongoing.

AP and AFP Agencies

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