May 22, 2022 7:57 pm

He was arrested for a robbery, he left in 24 hours and now he killed a taxi driver in an assault

Another deadly case of the so-called revolving door was registered today in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Boedo. A taxi driver died during an assault and when the offender was arrested, it was verified that he had been arrested last December for a robbery. He was only 24 hours behind bars. And this morning he tried to take the worker’s vehicle that had been parked in front of a bakery located in San Juan and Pichincha.

The thief tried to take the vehicle and the taxi driver, in his desperation to avoid being taken away from his source of work, threw himself on the hood. Little mattered to the criminal, who accelerated with the man on the vehicle, and advanced along Garay Avenue at high speed until colliding with another car at the intersection with Maza. The taxi driver was thrown and hit the pavement. The injuries caused his death.

Police sources identified the victim as Timoteo Tintilay, a man over 60 years old.

The 20-year-old criminal had been arrested on December 8 for the theft of a motorcycle in Chacabuco and Alsina.

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