May 17, 2022 1:55 pm

García Egea acknowledges that the PP is playing on 13-F to consolidate political change in Spain




The PP celebrates between today and tomorrow its conference in Castilla y León, where he will be reelected as regional president of the party Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, less than a month before the regional elections on February 13. The popular have come to this appointment in an atmosphere of unity and closing ranks, with the tensions of recent months parked and with a message of strength thanks to the polls, which indicate a large majority of the PP.

The general secretary of the party, Teodoro García Egea, who opened the congress, arrived at the Palacio de Congresos de León accompanied by Mañueco, and other PP leaders such as deputy secretaries Pablo Montesinos and Ana Beltrán, and the spokesman in the Senate, Javier Marotto.

García Egea opened the congress with a tribute to Manuel Fraga, just ten years after his death. The plenary has stood up to applaud the historic Galician politician, “a benchmark for all, for his height and for his State responsibility.”

The number two of the PP has stressed that these regional elections are especially transcendental, because the consolidation of the change in political trend in Spain is at stake. «The PP is playing to consolidate the change in trend. It is at stake to consolidate political change in Spain forever,” he warned.

García Egea has devoted himself in a special way to the praise to Manueco, With whom not long ago he had a complicated relationship, based on mistrust and mistrust, something that they have already overcome. In fact, now the secretary general has highlighted that this is a congress of unity: “We want a united party, where there is unity there will always be victory,” he stressed.

The highlight of the day will be the table of barons, in the afternoon, with the presence of Alberto Núiñez Feijóo, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Juanma Moreno and Fernando López Miras, in addition to Mañueco himself. They all planned to have lunch together. The night before, Mañueco had dinner with the president of the PP of Aragón, Jorge Azcón, and their respective wives.

Beyond the internal messages, García Egea has focused his criticism on the Prime Minister for the “sectarian” distribution of European funds, with which he marginalizes the communities and municipalities where the PP governs. The secretary general has reiterated that the municipalities and regions of the PP will take this use of European funds by the Government to court. In his opinion, the Government uses the funds “as if they were subsidies from the direct headquarters of the PSOE only to the people who vote for them.”

The PP has parked the controversy of the ‘steak’. It is not that he has forgotten it, far from it, and it will continue to be present throughout the electoral campaign. But he has left it in the background to attack Sánchez for the use of funds, or for the use and abuse of the Falcon and for the latest sentence of the ERE, which condemns another former PSOE counselor.

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