January 20, 2022 4:29 pm

From so much botox and filling, the model Sabrina Sabrok partially lost the mobility of her face

The last appearance of sabrina sabrok on Argentine television left a bitter taste. Outraged by the statements of George Lafauci about the beauty of Mexicans, he gave him a spit in the middle of the track of the Dancing for a Dream. That event, which occurred in 2008, determined his exit from the contest by decision of the president of the jury at that time, Gerardo Sofovich. After that episode, the vedette born in Lomas de Zamora continued her career both in Mexico and in the United States, where she works in the adult film industry. This week, his name was in the news again, but this time due to a health problem.

Sabrok has no qualms about saying that underwent more than 50 surgeries. In fact, she holds the curious “title” of being the celebrity with the largest breasts in the world, and to achieve this she has undergone multiple procedures. Last year, she had Botox injections in her lips and face in the United States, where she currently resides, and began to experience discomfort that set off alarm bells. For this reason, she returned to Mexico to urgently consult her plastic surgeon.

“On my face, I put a lot of Botox on; a lot of filler in the lips. That went all over my face and makes me not able to smile properly. I feel like a pull”, he told on Mexican television. And I add: “Week after week, I put on and put on and now that I returned to Mexico the doctor sent me to do an analysis on my face, with electricity. They poked me in the face. It was a super complicated analysis.”.

The result of that analysis indicated that his suspicions were not wrong: “They told me that I have paralysis on the right side due to both botox and filling.” “I have to go to a place where they are going to do ultrasound, laser and a lot of other things. They also gave me medication to relax the muscles and I have to move my face a lot and do facial exercises,” he said about his near future.

But beyond this painful situation, Sabrok does not regret having spent so much of his life in the operating room. “I achieved what I wanted: to see myself artificial, like a doll,” he justified. “I worked as a music teacher and they didn’t think about doing things to my body. Later, everything changed when I began to be a star, to work on television and earn money to spend on surgeries, “he said later.

True to her style, she also agreed to give a message to the people who criticize her for her surgeries: “To the people who don’t want to do anything, and want to grow old with dignity, as they say, the truth is that you have to grow old on a budget”. He also took his time to criticize personalities who do not take responsibility for the surgical procedures they undergo: “It is absurd that they say that nothing is done, when it is more than notorious, it is hypocritical. I say this because people know that I don’t care what they think. As long as I’m happy with my body, I look young and my husband likes me, the rest doesn’t matter to me. I challenge the girls in the middle to confess their surgeries, there is nothing wrong with wanting to steal a few years from time”.

The actress, in fact, plans to take advantage of her stay in Mexico to undergo a new touch-up. “I want to have several procedures, including lifting my face. I am interested in undergoing liposuction to be super skinny. This would be my 53rd surgery, plus whatever comes to mind,” he said.


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