May 22, 2022 6:53 am

Fortnight change: more than 40,000 vehicles per hour transit to the coast

The fortnight change started with everything. As reported by Autopistas de Buenos Aires to THE NATION, from 0 to 12 they traveled to the Atlantic coast, on average, 40,554 vehicles per hour. At noon this Saturday, there was a traffic of 25423 cars per hour on highway 2 and 15131 on provincial route 11 towards the coastal cities. 19,343 vehicles circulated on highway 2 through Samborombón, and 6,080 through Maipú.

Highway 2 and route 11 met at 11 with “Intense traffic in the direction of the Atlantic Coast”, as explained by the concession company.

Yesterday both roads were also full of cars. At 5:00 p.m. Highway 17,900 vehicles per hour circulated through Samborombón, while 6,689 passed through Maipú and 12,483 cars passed through La Huella on Route 11.

Ricardo Lissalde, president of AUBASA, told THE NATION that the traffic improved this year since “it was possible to specify the dual carriageway works for routes 11 and 56 that were transformed into a highway, which generated a great impact on road safety, added to the fact that route 2 was demarcated in its entirety, and more assistance mobiles”.

Despite this, different users They claimed on social networks and showed photos of what Route 2 looked like in the morning. “40 minutes of delays on route 2 on the way to the coast, no cause is seen, the cars grab the shoulder to move forward,” tweeted a user.

A mobile of LN+ that traveled highway 2 from Buenos Aires, showed in the morning that the temperature on the road rose to 38.6 degrees. According to the National Meteorological Service, the maximum expected for today in Mar del Plata could be lower, around 30 degrees.

On the channel they also warned of the radars booby hunters in urban areas, which are placed by municipalities without the approval of the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), body that checks that the instruments are actually measuring the correct parameters. If the device is not in the registry of the entity, the fine may be ignored. To find out if the radar is approved, you can consult a document from the Institute. If you do not see the cinemometer, you can write to [email protected] or call the ANSV at 08001222678, at the help desk for the particular case.

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