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Federico Hoppe’s night to forget: why Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero had to rescue him

The night of Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero took an unexpected turn when they had to come to the rescue of Federico Hoppe. It all started when Marcelo Tinelli’s producer, who is in Mar del Plata for work, got lost in the city and went to the couple for help.

The MasterChef participant Celebrity (Telephone) shared on his Instagram account the moment in which, together with Cubero, they meet Hoppe, whose car was embedded in the sand.

The rescue of Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero from Federico Hoppe

“This is really inexplicable, I can’t believe I screwed up… my food, my dinner with my boyfriend because you’re stuck, brother,” she can be heard jokingly complaining to Viciconte. Meanwhile, the two men were trying to move the car from the scene. After an arduous task, they managed to do it and left the beach.

Instagram photo: @micaviciconte

Through his social networks, Mica reported what happened and wanted to know how the producer got lost in that area, where he was also held incommunicado. which made it difficult to locate: “One hour to find it in the middle of the forest, actually being five minutes away, but impossible without a signal and in the middle of nowhere”. Without leaving the subject there, he joked: “Who gets in there? Just him.” Then, he did not hesitate to remark that Hoppe owes him “his life” for what they did in the middle of the night to help him.

In the images you can see the producer laughing at the comments of the former Combat, who officiated as an inspector and indicator of the movements that they had to carry out in order to get the car out.

Hours later, Maca Rinaldi, Hoppe’s partner, thanked through her networks for the help her boyfriend received. “Mica and Fabi thank you. We lost it. Next week they deserve a barbecue, ”the dancer wrote after learning of the situation, in which she was not present.

The coincidence between the couple and the producer in the happy city occurred because the influencer asked for a few days off at MasterChef – and Malena Guinzburg replaces her instead – to travel and reunite with her family; while Hoppe went to work.

Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero went on vacation to Brazil.  Photo: @fabiancuberooficial
Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero went on vacation to Brazil. Photo: @fabiancuberooficial

This is not the first getaway that the couple has made to rest. At the end of the year, Mica took advantage of the playoff week in the cooking reality show to travel to Brazil with his Cubero and his three daughters (Indiana, Sienna and Allegra), where they received 2022.

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