May 17, 2022 1:47 pm

Farce and tragedy of Brexit



Of a global nature, the paralysis caused by the pandemic in markets around the world, still affected by the supply crisis and the collapse of commercial networks, has served to camouflage and postpone the effects of Brexit on the British economy. A year after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, London alone faces a supply problem that is not very different from that suffered by the rest of the continent, and we will have to wait for Covid to normalize as a simple endemic to check the real effects of the isolation with which the British, victims of the populism of their political leaders, wanted to expand their margin of independence. Nor has the Northern Ireland border dispute been resolved.

Resumed last Thursday, the talks between Brussels and Boris Johnson’s team not only make no progress, but also come up against repeated threats of unilateral rupture by London, incapable of assuming the true meaning of the word border, on which he based his whole campaign of separation from the continent. One year after the execution of Brexit, everything remains the same in the United Kingdom, except for the statistics of illegal immigration, tragically triggered in the English Channel to expose the lies, of an undisguised nationalist nature, that the Brexit as the solution to avoid the migratory tensions suffered by the rest of the European Union.

The death of twenty-seven immigrants, at the end of last November, when they tried to reach the British coast aboard an inflatable boat highlighted the magnitude of a tragedy and the growing dimensions of a migratory flow that the London authorities have had no choice to recognize. According to the British Home Office, 28,395 migrants crossed the English Channel last year, a figure that triples the previous year’s figures. The World Organization for Migration is in charge, for its part, of accounting for the victims of that journey: 44 deaths throughout 2021, six times more than in 2020. Finally, those rescued in the dangerous waters of the canal touched the 8,000, with an equally exponential growth of this variable. What the Brexit apologists presented in 2016 as a guarantee to close the borders to immigration and increase the well-being of the British, through slogans that touched the threshold of xenophobia, has been revealed as a trap, for the citizens themselves. British who voted in favor of that demagogic trap and, even more so, for the thousands of immigrants waiting on the French coast for their opportunity to make the leap to the islands. Paradoxically, in a United Kingdom that failed to understand globalization, there is more illegal immigration than before Brexit.

Boris Johnson is not at his best moment to give explanations to the British people about the border reality that he tried to distort with his anti-European proposal. Scandals occur at 10 Downing Street, whose guest tries to survive these days to the leaks that uncover his hypocrisy, bathed in wine and distilled alcohol, during the confinement to which he subjected British citizens. The national economy suffers as a result of Covid, the Irish border remains ajar to avoid greater evils and the Prime Minister clings to his post in the face of general indignation that continues to increase. The immigrants arriving in the thousands on British shores, in the background, are for the moment the only sad achievement that London can show for its self-injurious separation campaign.

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