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“Every week we get three or four”




Difficult to escape when you are in the front line of battle and even more so when the Omicron variant has triggered infections to such an extent that it has broken all the records of the pandemic, surpassing in the sixth wave the 11,000 daily positives. The health workers are no strangers to the high transmissibility of a new strain of the coronavirus that is hitting again, at the rate of the worst previous waves, the professionals in charge of dealing with the pandemic from hospitals and health centers.

Thus, in the last two weeks they have doubled casualties among the group and already reach 1,725. The most affected, as in previous periods, are the nurses. pink

she is one of 577 who have been quarantined this week. He was infected in his family environment and his symptoms were like those of a “flu”, but he is stillWaiting for the test result to be negative and soon joining his position in a Valladolid hospital.

Precisely in his center, in which intensive care has always had a patient with Covid since the pandemic began and now it has filled up again, not too many infections had been registered among the toilets, but now «every week three or four fall», with what this entails for the rest of the staff who must continue to care for the sick.

“very exhausted”

And it is that the Ministry of Health has already recognized that there is special difficulty in replacing professionals because job boards are sold out. Especially in nursing, which is why for days the territorial managements have been asked to have contingency plans to reorganize resources in view of high absences. One of the requirements that was raised was that breaks and vacations be respected because the fatigue of the staff already weighs too much after two years at the foot of the canyon.

“We are very exhausted because it is already a long time. When you start to breathe a little, another wave comes back and we have to start over, ”says María José, also a nurse at the same hospital and infected in the sixth wave.

It was also infected in the family environment. And it is that now most of the positives occur in that area. “At work we are now very well protected. It’s not like before”, recognize. She has needed ten days to be able to recover from symptoms, especially “gastrointestinal”, but she is already back at work conditioned by absences. «You take the leave and you feel bad for leaving your colleagues with more load of work”, he relates, but “when you return it is you who also assumes the casualties of the others”.

“Us we are afraid because here we see all the worst and we think what would happen if it’s up to us, “he explains. And there are even those who have already gone through that trance twice. Rocío, auxiliary -the second most affected group with more than 300 casualties-, was infected for the first time in February of last year and the second with the outbreak of Ómicron.

“It’s impossible to know where I got it,” he says, still feeling tired from the virus. An exhaustion that adds to the accumulated after two years of pandemic and with the increase in infections in recent months. “People should be more aware, but it is difficult to make them understand what we see, what is happening», indicates.

At the beginning of this sixth wave, Francisco Javier Ortega, a doctor at a health center in Zamora, was also reinfected, who even had to be admitted after becoming infected after treating a patient. “It’s everywhere,” he says, and “all we see is Covid and more Covid.” He was able to rejoin, but there are fellow doctors who are still on leave -this week there are 298-, such as José Félix Aparicio, who was removed from his post by the coronavirus and is still recovering after eleven days in the ICU.

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