May 21, 2022 8:24 pm

Ensaimada Recipe


  1. Put the flour in the shape of a crown in a bowl mixed with a pinch of salt. Pour the warm water in the center, crumble the yeast into it and add half the sugar. Incorporate the eggs.
  2. Take the ingredients from the center and knead them with the flour. Insist well on this step to homogenize the mixture.
  3. Add the other 50 grams of sugar and knead again. Cover the dough and let double its volume.
  4. Separate into balls of approximately 100 g. Stretch each one very thin, spread them with melted butter and roll them up tightly until they are shaped into cylinders. Wrap them around themselves like spirals.
  5. Oil a plate, arrange the ensaimadas, cover and let rise. Spray the surface with water and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Return to the oven until golden. Let cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

The ensaimada is a golden spiral originating from the Balearic Islands, which came to our lands with the Mallorcan pastry chefs. The name of ensaimada comes from the word always, which is white lard, the real fat used in the original ensaimadas. The ensaimada admits various fillings, and adaptations of the original recipe are currently being made; It can take butter or olive oil. Its preparation is simple, and the result surprising. worth doing the ensaimadas at home because they are cheap, very profitable and ideal for sharing at tea time.

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