May 22, 2022 5:16 am

Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria neither sentimental crisis, nor American tour




Henry Ponce Y Ana Soria they are falling victim to a summer snake in the dead of winter. They face speculation that warns that the couple is going through strong turbulence. They assure that the discussions are continuous and that the rupture is a harsh reality that none of the protagonists dares to confirm for fear or fear of what they will say. They shoot, aware that the bullfighter and the student made the decision to get away from the madding crowd a long time ago. They deleted their profiles on social networks and hardly have a media presence. They don’t look for it but they don’t need it either. They are together and convinced that their love is not a flower of a day.

Stable relationship

Although they know that there are many who make bets on the continuity of their courtship, they try to stay out of it.

They do not grant licenses when asked by journalists and refuse to grant interviews, since they have concluded that denials have an expiration date. One and the other believe that the effort is useless and remain silent but do not grant. In this sense, sources of all solvency clarify to ABC that, in effect, there is no crisis or rupture and they maintain that the information is self-interested leaks, siren songs that come from the past.

Not grateful

The same voices assure that, contrary to what has been published, Ponce does not intend to do an American tour for the time being. It is not true that he is going to fight soon in Mexico, much less that he has accepted a proposal of such magnitude to be away from Ana. The young woman has shown a great waist when bear ramming who have not always been oblivious. In addition to the vaunted comments about the true nature of his feelings, he assumes with bullfighting elegance the impositions of third parties and collaborates so that, for example, Ponce’s relationship with his daughters is fluid and extraordinary, even though he is forced not to participate in the events. family plans that almost always take place on land where their presence continues to seem non grata. Two years of relationship and a friendly personality are still not enough for those who keep avoiding her.

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