May 20, 2022 5:27 pm

Djokovic’s victory before the decisive trial



In the convoluted legal battle that is going through these days Novak Djokovic any small victory can have a weight in the final result. For this reason, the preliminary hearing before immigration to which the Serb had to attend on Saturday was used by his lawyers to take an unexpected advantage that allows them to hope that the tennis player may be on the track of the Open de Australia next Monday.

As it turned out, Djokovic’s appearance on Saturday became a confrontation between the lawyers of both parties to clarify what the final procedure would be like. The trial where it will be decided if the number one in the world can remain in Australia to dispute the first Grand Slam of the year or if, on the contrary, he must leave the country, deported, and with a possible punishment of three years without setting foot again.

The same, according to what the Serbian representatives wanted, will be before three judges and not before one as was the wish of the Australian authorities. Thus, there will be three magistrates –James Allsop, Anthony Besanko y David O’Callaghan– Those who listen to the parties and those who make a decision, which will be final as there will be no room for appeal.

The latter was another of the interests of Djokovic’s lawyers, who they did not want the procedure to take longer than Sunday, because the next day the tournament begins and the tennis player must be focused only on the court.

The hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Sunday in Melbourne (11:30 p.m. on Saturday in Spain) and until that time Novak is detained at the Park hotel, to which he was transferred again after that interrogation before the immigration forces that took place on Saturday.

It is the second time that Djokovic spends the night in that accommodation, where he was already after his visa was withdrawn as soon as he landed in Australia more than a week ago.

Just a few hours before the start of the tournament, the tennis players have already asked that this controversy be put aside and that the lights return to the track, where many harbor hopes of reaching the title.

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