May 15, 2022 8:08 am

Crochet: the method to end the stress that you have at your fingertips

We all have the image of our grandmother, or if not that of a friend, doing needle sitting in the rocking chair at home. We saw her handling the needle with such dexterity that it seemed a natural extension of her arm. And how well the scarves, hats and other woolen garments they made came in handy for the winter!

But this is not an activity that is only practiced by the elderly, rather it is becoming more and more fashionable among the young population due to the benefits it offers. Josselyn Sevilla, psychologist at the
Claritas Institute
, highlights the stress reduction and the relaxation it generates, as well as reinforcement and a rewarding feeling of achieving goals.

“As it is a mechanical and not very complex activity, it is easy to learn it and see the results materialized.”

This generates a high sense of success that causes our brain to release hormones such as dopamine Y serotonin, which contribute positively to depressive or anxious conditions.

Sevilla points out that these benefits have been observed in a general way in the population, but those people who have high motor restlessness will not find peace of mind in this activity. On the contrary, it will generate a lot of nervousness.

What happens in our brain when we crochet?

When crocheting, explains the psychologist, our brain focuses on a very specific activity, with guidelines and a specific structure. Being a predictable and reinforcing practice, our mind interprets it as something rewarding. The result is that small doses of serotonin, the hormone that contributes to emotional regulation, are released.

On a cognitive level, Sevilla states that it contributes to exercising mental processes such as attention o la organization. “By training attention we acquire the ability to focus on an activity and perform it more effectively. Therefore, we will be motivated, happy and proud.” In addition, if we crochet in a group, it will create a positive social environment that will help reduce the feeling of unwanted loneliness.

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