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Check the result of the National Lottery today Saturday, January 15, 2022



The number 24695 has been the winner of the first prize of the draw of Today’s National Lottery Saturday, January 15, 2022. The prize is 150,000 euros for the tenth, and 1,500,000 euros for the series.

The National Lottery draws They take place every Thursday and Saturday. In addition, there are also several extraordinary draws that take place in an extraordinary way, such as the Extraordinary Christmas Draw and the Extraordinary Child Draw, held on December 22 and January 6, respectively.

The National lottery It is one of the most famous games of chance in our country, it came from the hand of Carlos III and today it has a history of more than 100 years.

The National Lottery depends on Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (LAE) which also depends on the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The second prize, which corresponds to 300,000 euros for the series or, what is the same, 30,000 for the tenth, has fallen to number 88553. Finally, the refunds or terminations of the draw have been for numbers 4, 5, 7, who have been awarded the amount they played, 15. If you have been awarded a prize, you can collect it during the next three months from the day following the date of the draw. You can enter the official checker to check if your tenth has been awarded.

In the National Lottery, the betting method is to choose a five-digit number and wait for the draw. The price of each ticket is 3 euros on Thursdays, 6 euros on ordinary Saturdays, 12 euros on special Saturdays and 15 or 20 euros for extraordinary draws. Do not forget that the National Lottery spends about 70% of its dividends on awards.

Check the results of all the lotteries on to see if you have won a prize from the following draws: ONCE, Bonoloto, Primitiva, Euromillions and the National Lottery.

Note: is not responsible for errors or omissions that may exist. The only valid official list is the one provided by the state company Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

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