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Boca awaits its star reinforcement: the purchase of Darío Benedetto, the long-awaited scorer for Sebastián Battaglia’s squad, is almost ready

In Boca suits are put on. The red carpet, or rather blue and gold, is already placed at the entrances of the Bombonera and the Ezeiza property. The situation calls for it. That hierarchy permanently searched since December 2019 by Juan roman riquelme, who could have any other surname and position, is about to make the Football Council, Sebastián Battaglia and especially the fans smile. Because, in addition, it is an old acquaintance who has given them joy in the rival goals. Darío Benedetto, the best striker after the retirement of Martín Palermo, has almost everything ready to turn around after two and a half years in Europe. And be the one who carries the flag of the heavy reinforcements that in the club plan to close.

Although the opportunity did not appear long ago, at the time it was simmering. With strategies.Even leaving aside some sparks that are going around the Xeneize directive and Benedetto’s environment. Boca is ahead more than ever and the round 15 years seem to be considered enough behind closed doors to be happy again, raising the Copa Libertadores. Of course, Luis Vázquez does not deserve to be forgotten after so many goals, nor will he be. but this search takes years.

was ever called Roger Martinez, again Miguel Borgia and it was not even a utopia the possibility of Edinson Cavani, who from Manchester United still promises to fulfill the dream of being the modern “Manteca” Martínez. However, everything is being polished around another great gunner who for days has generated desperation in fans to see -finally- Boca’s official announcement on social networks with his return. “These days it is closed”, he was sentenced to THE NATION from the Football Council, assuming that “Pipa” will have his second cycle in the club.

Darío Benedetto has already decided to leave Elche; They wait for you at the Bombonera Archive

His departure from Elche, from Spain, was equal to a snap. Benedetto, in addition to having been on loan for the last year, is one of the small shareholders of the club managed by his representative, Christian Bragarnik. So the only “big” problem was negotiating with Olympic Marsella, the institution that He knew how to invest 16 million euros in mid-2019 to get him out of Boca: what was accessible was from the expendable sign that the French placed on him after not having met expectations and not being considered by the Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli.

The numbers that are being agreed upon for the purchase have not yet transpired. In Boca, everything was handled hermetically, although with an evident enthusiasm that did not go out in any day and, instead, grew with the passing of the hours. That’s the way it is, In the next few hours, the incorporation of the man who scored 45 goals in 76 official matches could be made official of his first stage in Ribera.

Nicolás Figal, a defender who will come to reinforce the defense in the Copa Libertadores
Nicolás Figal, a defender who will come to reinforce the defense in the Copa LibertadoresArchive

“We are working full time on Benedetto, which is a priority and takes time. Then we continue with the rest without trouble ”, they repeated during the last days from the vicinity of Riquelme. As a result of what? The striker will take all the flashes, but behind there are intentions to enhance the squad as much as possible. This time, with more hierarchy than that incorporated in past markets. Due to the suspensions of Carlos Izquierdoz and Marcos Rojo for the group stage of the subcontinental competition (4 and 5 dates, respectively), the Council had decided to go looking for a central defender and practically has it: They will buy half of the pass from Nicolás Figal, that beyond arriving from Major League Soccer he has a good age (27) and the experience of having played in a great one as Independiente. Missing? That the MLS approve one of the transfers that Inter Miami needs to reduce the wage bill, which was widely exceeded with respect to that allowed in the North American league.

“These are normal times. We are not in a hurry or anxious, but his arrival is already done”, they confirmed to this newspaper. On purpose, Figal has been training for several days in Ezeiza in a private way, waiting to be able to join the Battaglia squad. Some even dare to imagine that it is very likely that he will start in the debut for the Libertadores, taking into account that Lisandro López would also go to Tijuana, from Mexico.

Ángel Romero listened to several offers to decide his future;  Apparently, he leaned towards Boca
Ángel Romero listened to several offers to decide his future; Apparently, he leaned towards BocaArchive

Another surname resurfaced and would bring more quality to the Boca troops if they arrived. Angel Romero, well in his style, he starred in several phases in his negotiation with the Council to join the club: both parties had everything arranged for him to join as a footballer in freedom of action, then he preferred to take his time to speculate on the appearance of better offers and destinations, but in the last few hours he backtracked.

As confirmed to LA NACION from the top of Jorge Amor Ameal’s board, The Paraguayan’s entourage picked up the phone and contacted Riquelme to reactivate the negotiations and get him to Boca. Sure, the vice president is delighted, though He made it clear to them that today they have a priority and the numbers previously offered can be modified. In any case, he made it clear that they want him at the club once the purchase of Benedetto has been achieved.

Guillermo Pol Fernández could have his third stage in Boca
Guillermo Pol Fernández could have his third stage in BocaArchive

And it doesn’t all end there. At least, there is one more protagonist for whom they will insist. Riquelme and company will look for the third cycle of Guillermo “Pol” Fernández, that his link with Cruz Azul culminates only in June and he would have decided to leave free from Mexico. Even so, in Boca they also want it for this market: the inside right hand drive has been a real problem for Battaglia and everyone believes that the 30-year-old midfielder will once again bring them the leap in quality that he was able to provide during 2020.

The Council and Battaglia want to experience the best transfer market of the management. Finish closing the return of Darío Benedetto would give the guideline that they can aspire to achieve it.


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