January 20, 2022 6:07 pm

Back home

Khaled Dawwa is a Syrian sculptor. After fleeing the war and living for a year in Lebanon, in 2014 he applied for asylum in France, the country where he has lived ever since. And so it appears in this photo: in a workshop located in Vanves, on the outskirts of Paris, working on something that is like going back without going home. What Dawwa represents is a street that I could have been in Aleppo, in Homs, in Duma, in Raqqa. Dawwa’s hands work the clay so that collapsed walls, dilapidated windows, perforated roofs emerge from there. Traces of a pain that screams in each small balcony, in each miniature door. Because a devastated city is what we see here: buildings with intolerable and unpredictable eyes, mouths, orifices; vestiges of a howl as long as the bombings were extensive, the blood disproportionate, the overwhelming silence that always follows death.


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