May 27, 2022 12:19 pm

Argentine residents will be able to enter Uruguay even if they have Covid

MONTEVIDEO.– Uruguay is going through its peak of Covid-19 infections and also the record of daily cases, but the government trusts its vaccination plan and, instead of closing borders again, decided enable a “sanitary corridor” so that Uruguayans who return to the country and are carriers of the virus can still enter with certain security conditions. The measure also reaches foreigners who have residence in Uruguay, such as Argentines.

The decree was confirmed to LA NACION by the Minister of Defense, Javier García, who just fell had a positive result of a PCR for coronavirus, but is in good condition, resting at his home.

The Executive Power authorized by decree the “Exceptional entry” of Uruguayan citizens or foreigners residing in the country who are studying Covid-19 abroad and need to return to the country, according to the document dated January 11 to which El País had access. This possibility of a “sanitary corridor” was advanced last Monday by President Luis Lacalle Pou.

Affirmed in his concept of “responsible freedom” for the fight against the pandemic, the president had this week rejected the possibility of closing borders again, given the increase in infections.

“We are trying to establish sanitary cordons so that these Uruguayans and Argentines can, in some isolated way, travel to their homes in a private vehicle to quarantine, because (not being able to enter) not only means being away from their loved ones, but it also means a very large outlay for them,” the president had said.

That is why a decree was issued in the last hours in which it is established that “it is appropriate to authorize the entry exceptionally” of those who wish to return to the country to “receive medical treatment” or to “keep isolation in their homes.”

From the second half of July to the first half of December, the average number of daily cases was 173 infected on the day. Then it grew and on Thursday the 13th it passed 10,000 cases in a single day.

The condition that the government set to specify these incomes is that they must be made “through private and not collective means of transport, in which their isolated permanence is guaranteed.” Otherwise, it must be “together with your family or cohabitants during the trip”.

The new decree establishes that those who enter the country with Covid-19 and under these conditions “must comply with the preventive social isolation regimen and other current health measures.”

The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas, referred to the way in which work was being done to comply with the health mechanism to help those who must cross borders, and said: “The ‘human health corridor’ in Fray Bentos is already organized and functioning . You don’t even have to get out of the car, specific chemical toilets and special forms”.

This new official alternative enables “return to the country in order to receive medical treatment or keep isolation in their homes”, which until then were impossible. Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Health reported that 36,487 tests were carried out that day, 9,673 new cases of Covid-19 were detected. The largest amount occurred in Montevideo and Maldonado, the spa area.

Since the health emergency was declared on March 13, 2020, 4,779,227 tests have been processed and 500,267 positive cases of coronavirus have been registered throughout the national territory. Of that total, 420,029 have already recovered.

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