May 22, 2022 8:39 am

Antonio David Flores is not willing for anyone to confront his family



Antonio David Flores has once again found himself in the eye of the hurricane when his relationship with the Telecinco journalist Marta Riesco was confirmed after some photographs of both were published in the magazine ‘Lecturas’. The former civil guard assured this week on his YouTube channel that after his separation from Olga Moreno he was a free person and therefore could rebuild his life: «I have been separated for several months and therefore, I am rebuilding my life. I publicly announced my separation three months ago. I have no reason to hide. It is true that Marta Riesco and I have begun to build a relationship.

Antonio David Flores and Marta Riesco

Today, the ex-collaborator has spoken again, this time before the reporter of ‘Viva la vida’, to affirm that “everyone has the right to rebuild their life and be happy” but he has assured that he is not willing for anyone to confront his family.

With a broken voice, the former civil guard added “it has been a very difficult year for me and mine and I find myself at a time when I want to be well, nothing more.” Asked about his relationship with his still wife, Antonio David states: «My relationship with Olga is fine, we have been trying to maintain a cordial relationship for a long time. We are a family and we will remain so.”

Last Thursday Olga Moreno, went live to offer her support to Rocío Flores and said: «I just want to go in to tell Rocío that everything will be fine, she deserves to say it publicly. He does not deserve it. I’m not going to talk about myself or your father. I want Rocío to be calm. I have been with her for 22 years. We both know what has happened, she knows what she has suffered. I mean it, I have never lied, I have tried to be as frank as possible. Rocío doesn’t deserve what they’re telling her. You have to stay out of it, she didn’t know anything. I love you, I want you to be calm, that we are a family. I love you” and adds “this has taken us by surprise, each one goes their own way. Another thing is very different is what I can think or intuit.

Marta I can, for his part, also showed his face in the ‘Ana Rosa Program’ claiming to be in love with Antonio David Flores while affirming that he did not feel responsible for what was happening in the Moreno-Flores family.

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