January 20, 2022 4:40 pm

Adriana Aguirre, very concerned about the health of Ricardo García: “Keep praying”

On Wednesday morning, Ricardo García was underwent a quadruple heart bypass. While you are going through the critical first 48 hours, adriana aguirre He spoke about his state of health and asked for a prayer chain for his speedy recovery.

“They operated on him on Wednesday, January 12 at 7 in the morning open hearted Dr. Walter Rodríguez performed four bypasses. He is hospitalized at Swiss Medical Pueyrredón and is evolving”, Adriana Aguirre commented this Friday from the mobile of us in the morning (The thirteen). Visibly worried, the actress said that If García did not undergo this intervention, his life could have been in danger. “The cardiologist told me that with the operation we saved his life, I could have had a heart attack at any time,” he said.

Regarding how they discovered his heart problem, he explained: “The heart is the only organ that warns you. We had been going for more than four years for a walk and he had to stop three or four times because it gave him an electric shock to his heart, which lasted five or six seconds. When we transit the Covid in 2020, they recommended us to go see a cardiologist because this virus usually hits you there. A series of studies were done that gave him that he had an obstruction. He was summoned in December, a year later, and the situation worsened. He is also genetically hypertensive, inherited from his mother and grandmother, and he has also smoked a lot throughout his life.

Adriana Aguirre was dismayed by the state of health of her ex-husband.

“The doctors did not know what they were going to find in the operation. They were going to do a triple bypass but Dr. Rodríguez found something he didn’t like and told him that he wouldn’t know until he opened it. Said and done: all four bypasses were done. Now his sternum is open, sewn with a surgical steel wire. Now at three in the afternoon the critical 48 hours are fulfilled, but it makes me anxious because I saw him with a lot of pain”, she expressed very moved.

Sol Pérez was the one who interrupted the vedette to ask her how she was going through this situation emotionally, to which Aguirre answered with a question: “Who takes care of the caregiver? It’s me. I am your family environment. There are millions of friends, so much so that there were plenty of blood givers and they still go to donate, but psychologically, who takes care of me? When the accident at the La Campana theater in Mar del Plata happened to me, I started therapy again and thank God my psychologist got me out of the crying crises, of the emotional crises I had but now it’s my turn this is stronger than the previous”, she confessed very distressed.

Before saying goodbye, García’s ex-wife made a very special request to all viewers. “I ask people one thing: that they continue with the chain of prayer, which is very important because 48 hours have just passed since the operation. Everything will end well, I have a lot of faith in God that this will happen, but keep praying for Ricardo to have a good recovery, “he concluded.


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