May 22, 2022 8:05 pm

A town in Cuenca offers its free bar against depopulation




The bars are vital for social life in the town and, if not, ask Victoriano, Agustina, Natalio and Alejandro, residents of the Cuenca municipality of Villalgordo del Marquesado, that at the end of December they had to say goodbye to the only one in town.

The community center bar located on the ground floor of the City Hall building closed “a few days before the Christmas Lottery” after almost three years open. «They suffered a robbery they took the Christmas basket and some drinks; the couple that managed it got scared and decided to close it, “says Natalio Valencia, mayor of the town.

Since then, social life in this small town in La Mancha Cuenca has not been the same.

“The bar was a place of conviviality, where the neighbors chatted and shared experiencesyes,” says the alderman.

Aware of this importance, it has decided offer the rental of the premises and a free home -now under construction- to anyone who wants to take over the hotel business. “I would only have to pay for electricity and the self-employed coupon,” the mayor points out.

The reactions have not been long in coming. In less than a month, there are already four applicants, who come from Alicante, Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real), Barcelona and Las Pedroñeras (Cuenca). A woman would also be interested in opening a grocery store. «This reception has surprised us, now we will have to see the people and value them. The important thing is that they are good people, “he says.

They have also received an offer from a person who would be interested in opening the first grocery store in town.

Families will have preference when it comes to getting this job. since what they are looking for in this town of ’emptied Spain’ -with 73 registered inhabitants and about 40 living daily- is its repopulation. «The average age of the neighbors is 70 years old, there is only one girl who goes to school in Belmonte, but in the summer it is filled with people who come from the city». There is also work in the fields and on the town’s farms”, explains the mayor, who is pleased that the optical fiber It will arrive in a few months. “A good incentive for teleworking,” he congratulates himself.

For now, until the fiber optic reaches Villalgordo del Marquesado, Victoriano, Agustina, Alejandro and Natalio can start thinking about their next card game.

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