May 17, 2022 7:11 am

A police helicopter flew very close to the Villa Gesell beach and scared tourists

In the last hours a video began to circulate on social networks that surprised several people. In one of the busiest beaches in Villa Gesell, province of Buenos Aires and on one of the hottest days of the year, A police helicopter flew low over from the shore, causing umbrellas to fall off the sand. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the situation caused panic among vacationers.

The scene was recorded on video and revealed the abrupt and dangerous maneuver carried out by the authorities piloting the aircraft. So far, the only thing that is known is that it is a helicopter from Operativo Sol and that it corresponds to the usual patrolling of the beaches of Buenos Aires.

Those responsible in charge they are still trying to determine the reason why the police officer flew so low and carried out this maneuver being surrounded by so many people.

A police helicopter flew low over the beaches of Villa Gesell

Everything happened in the Pleno Sol spa, located between 104 and 105 streets. Even the tables of the local restaurant were blown up in the presence of the aircraft. Since the video was known, several versions were installed regarding who was on board the vehicle.

In that sense, THE NATION tried to communicate with the Municipality of Villa Gesell and the police authorities but there was no official response.

In dialogue with Chronicle, the Buenos Aires Minister of Security Sergio Berni confirmed have been on board the helicopter during the maneuver. According to his statements, he explained that from the aircraft they saw “a group of 300, 400 boys who seemed to be fighting”, which is why they would have positioned themselves so close.

The helicopter caused chaos on the beach (Photo: Video capture)

It was finally known what was really going on with the young people on the beach. “It seemed like a fight between boys, from a distance they were all half in the tumult but it normalized. From a distance it seemed that they were fighting, when we approached They were dancing”, explained the official.

The helicopter flew over the shore and passed very close to the tourists

In parallel, the networks echoed what happened and expressed the danger of the parasols flying and warned That could have caused a tragedy. “A miracle there were no injuries. They assure that it is not the first time that it happens, ”said a user who shared a video from another perspective. It shows how the aircraft passes very close to the sea and a few meters from the tourists who were cooling off on the shore. “Many umbrellas were blown up,” he also added.

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